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Youth Programs Tool Kit: Risk Management

Program Registration and Insurance

The Office of Risk Management expects all university departments sponsoring programs or activities involving minors to register their programs and purchase insurance. Camp and clinic (Accident) insurance is available to university departments and programs that sponsor short-term events or activities involving participants who are generally not affiliated with the university. Cost is minimal and can be charged to a department index. The enrollment process allows you to register your program regardless of whether you purchase insurance. Program registration is required under the Protection of Minors policy.

Volunteer Tracking

Volunteers are an integral part of many youth programs. Guidelines for reporting and tracking volunteer service are provided on the Safety and Risk Services website. A Conditions of Volunteer Service form and background check are required for each volunteer working for a youth program.

Waiver of Liability

A waiver of liability is required when minors are involved in an activity.

Emergency Procedures

Do you have an emergency plan in place for emergencies that may occur on campus? We recommend that you Plan, Prepare, and Practice! your emergency procedures with youth program staff. 

Checklists and Guidelines

The following tools may assist you with administering a youth program and ensuring necessary precautions are in place to protect minors on campus:

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding youth programs and the Safety and Risk Services resources, please contact the Risk Management Office at (541) 346-8361 or email her at