Youth Program Tool Kit: Human Resources

Camps and Clinics: Hiring Staff

The University of Oregon sponsors numerous camps and clinics each year that require compliance with federal, state, and UO policies regarding wage and hour laws, risk management regulations, and criminal background checks. 

Background Checks

A criminal background check must be completed for any university employee or volunteer working in youth programs.


The Protection of Minors policy requires youth program staff be trained and the training of staff must be documented and recorderd.

Mandatory Reporting

Employees of Oregon higher education institutions are by law subject mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect. 

Employing Minors

There may be instances when youth programs need to employ a minor.  It’s important to comply with regulations that govern the employment of minors, which include strict limitations on the number of hours a minor may work and the types of work permissible. 

  • Go to the Child Labor webpage on the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) website for more information.

Contact Information

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