Seasonal Employment

Summer Term Teaching Appointments

Summer term teaching assignments are unique due to the variable length of courses. The summer term assignment and payroll dates begin June 16 and end September 15. 

Use the Summer Term Teaching Appointment guidance to generate accurate summer appointments.

Camps and Clinics

The University of Oregon sponsors numerous camps and clinics each year that require compliance with federal, state, and UO policies regarding wage and hour laws, risk management regulations, and criminal background checks.  The following steps provide guidance in conducting these hires. 

  • Prior to hiring any camp employees, Human Resources (HR) must be notified of the types of camps, dates of operation, and approximate number of employees needed for each camp.
  • Any student or temporary worker who will be working with children under the age of 18 must have a criminal background check completed with HR prior to beginning work. See Criminal, Credit and Related Background Checks.
  • Payroll paperwork must be completed and submitted with proper documents within 3 days of work starting. Please see the Banner Guide:
  • All camp workers must keep time sheets and be paid an hourly rate of pay (at least minimum wage) for all of their hours worked.  Supervisors must sign time sheets confirming all hours worked.
  • Temporary Officers of Administration, Research, or Instruction may be hired on a salary basis for durations of less than 6 weeks and earnings of less than $3000. See the Temporary Employment for more information.