Time Off Policy and Procedure


Clear, understandable procedures covering vacation, sick, and other leaves are critical for recruitment, retention, and the fair treatment of our OA employees.  UO has a variety of strong, employee- and family-friendly policies relating to time away from the workplace.

This policy and procedure consolidates already-existing leave policies and simplifies some of the language associated with these policies.  The procedure outlines the various forms of leave an OA is entitled to, including holidays, vacation time, sick time, parental leave, and other leaves with and without pay.  The procedure establishes eligibility requirements and provides links to information regarding legally protected leave rights such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). 

Key Elements:

  • Removes six (6) month wait period for new hires to utilize earned vacation time.
  • Adjusts sick time accrual for less than 1.0 FTE OAs to comply with new sick leave law.
  • Maintains benefits associated with current leave practices and policies.
  • Consolidates guidance and resources regarding jury duty, military leave, FMLA, etc.

*NOTE - This policy and procedure do not yet reflect the work of a university-wide working group examining the feasibility of implementing a sick leave donation bank.  The bank would replace the current practice of advancing unearned sick leave.  OAs are participating in this working group which has not yet finalized its report.  Further changes to this procedure may be necessary depending on the working group’s report.