Performance Management Policy and Procedure and Corrective Discipline Procedure


Officers of Administration are valuable members of the campus community.  Fostering a positive working environment for OAs is critical in recruitment and retention efforts.  One component of a positive working environment is committing to concepts of continuous improvement, timely feedback, and open, honest communication. 

It is important that the institution provides feedback to OAs on their performance.  This includes both celebrating an OA’s successes and working with an OA to resolve and improve performance deficiencies.

This policy and associated procedures outline annual performance reviews, a performance improvement plan process, and corrective discipline.

This policy and associated procedures work in tandem with the OA separations policy and procedure to further the goal of providing OAs a reasonable expectation of continuing employment.  These processes eliminate the option of separating an OA for non-disciplinary performance reasons without adequate notice and an opportunity to improve. 

Key Elements:

Performance Management Procedure

  • Builds upon current guidance regarding annual evaluations
  • Outlines informal methods of addressing performance concerns (coaching and/or a letter of clarification).
  • Establishes a Performance Improvement Plan framework that can be used independently or in conjunction with the OA separations policy and procedure.
  • Details requirements before OAs may be terminated for poor performance and provides an additional period of time before OAs who currently hold A contracts are transitioned to new procedures.

Corrective Discipline Procedure

  • Utilized to address misconduct and/or policy violations
  • All involuntary separations and disciplinary actions must be vetted and approved through HR.
  • Options for Discipline – This is not a rigidly progressive process.  In coordination with HR, supervisors have the ability to issue discipline appropriate to the situation.