Salary Increase Information

OA Salary Increase Plan

A multi-year salary increase plan will follow this schedule:

  • FY2022: 4 percent across-the-board effective January 1, 2022
    (increased from 3 percent on 12/8/21)
  • FY2023: 3 percent across-the-board effective October 1, 2022*
    (changed from merit pool and January 1, 2023 effective date on 9/28/22)
  • FY2024: 3 percent salary pool for merit increase effective January 1, 2024. Employees will first see the increases on their end-of-January paychecks.

*The effective date is a one-time change to the timing and application of salary increases. It is not a permanent change to the university’s increase cycle that uses January 1, historically, as the effective date. 

OA Eligibility

The following criteria is to be applied to OA merit increases for fiscal year 2024:

Eligible OAs

  • UO employee in current position on or before July 1, 2023.
  • Documented meritorious performance.

Ineligible OAs

  • OAs who started their current position after July 1, 2023.
  • OAs above the OA salary band maximum.
  • Employees with term limited appointments (Retirees, interim, temporary assignments, etc.).
  • Employees on custom contracts (such as Coaches.)
  • OAs on performance improvement plans.

2023 Merit Guidance and Resources for OAs and Faculty

Specific detailed instructions will be provided to appropriate unit leadership on each of these processes and steps below, as lists or forms are provided. Please reach out to if you need assistance with any of these processes. 

Week of October 9th: OA eligibility exception process and faculty merit eligibility list review begins. 

  • Deans and CFOs and VPs and COS will receive a list of OAs showing eligibility status by October 11th. 
  • Deans and CFOs will receive a list of eligible career and TTF on October 9th or 10th to verify their FTE, base salary, and confirm eligible status. 
    • Eligiblity Review Instructions. Units should review and return any corrections to HR by October 24th. Email corrections to
    • Please note: There is no eligibility exception process for faculty since merit eligibility is defined in the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). 

October 31st: Performance reviews must be completed, and OA reviews must be recorded. 

Week of November 6th Merit allocation begins. 

  • By November 7th Deans, VPs, Academic CFOs, and Chiefs of Staff will receive a list of eligible OAs (including approved exceptions) and faculty to determine the amount of merit (or no merit) each person should receive. It is up to these areas to determine their own merit administrative process. For example, they could choose to provide lists to department or unit leaders within their portfolio, or handle it centrally. Complete the spreadsheet by filling out only the unshaded white cells.
  • Faculty merit: Complete the spreadsheet by filling out only the unshaded white cells (columns F,G,H). Proposed faculty merit increase lists must be submitted and approved through forms by the Dean by November 30th. HR Operations will then validate and submit the lists to the Office of the Provost for final review and approval. For TRP who want to opt out of merit, please follow these instructions.
  • OA merit: Complete the spreadsheet by filling out only the unshaded white cells (columns E,F,G,H). Dean and VP approved OA merit increase lists must be submitted to HR Operations by December 1st for final review. Any increases requiring additional exception approval will be reviewed by HR Operations and forwarded to the VPFA, if needed. 
    • NOTE: Any request over 10% or that takes an individual over the band maximum will require an exception process. Exception form to be sent to units as needed.

Week of December 4th: Provost review and approval of faculty merit proposals. VPFA post merit OA exception process as described in item above.

Week of December 11th: Communication of merit increases begins. 

  • After all approvals and reviews are completed, Deans and VPs and their COS or CFO will be informed that they can start communicating increases to faculty and OAs the week of December 11th. Notification templates are linked below for your reference, and final approved merit lists will be provided to assist with notifications. Employees need to be notified by December 22nd. 

Notification template - with increase

Notification template - no increase

January 1st, 2024: Increases take effect and will first be seen on January 31 paychecks. HR Operations will work closely with Payroll to have all the increases in Banner by mid-January, prior to the time entry window.