OA Grievance

It is critical that OAs have a meaningful mechanism to raise concerns about their workplace or challenge decisions that are violations of established policies or procedures.  Previously, OAs were covered by the faculty grievance policy which does not adequately serve the unique needs of OAs. 

The OA Grievance Policy and Procedure reflect the needs of OAs.  The goal is to provide a transparent and logical process for OAs to grieve matters related to their terms and conditions of employment. Key elements of this policy include:

  • A wide-range of circumstances and situations in which an OA may file a grievance.
  • Clear timelines associated with filing a grievance and managing each step of the grievance process. 
  • OA grievances are elevated through the OA’s organizational leadership in close consultation with HR, eliminating the old process by which administrative OA grievances were handled by academic leadership.
  • A strong statement prohibiting retaliation against those who file grievances or who are otherwise involved in the grievance process.

Grievance Form

Note to supervisors: OA Grievance Templates and Forms are available in the Supervisor Tool Kit.

Policy Documents