Summer Appointment Submission Instructions

Summer Appointment Submission Instructions

Please see the Summer Instructions 2024 Presentation slide deck for an overview.

The sections below address the types of summer appointments, the documentation paperwork required, and links to other resources.

In general, summer term assignments are executed by submitting a PAW with the appropriate documentation as needed through the Summer Upload Submission Form. This form will route the submission through its approvals, University HR review, and finally, to payroll for processing.

A single submission can cover the entire summer but only for the same type of summer work. For example, one upload can cover all summer teaching assignments in a department, but any summer research work needs to be submitted on a separate form.

Summer Appointment Types

Appointment type Position Number Account Code E-class Pay info
Teaching BUOWTS/RETWTS 10203 FS (or FT for hourly) FTE based. See the appointment guidelines for information specific to summer teaching.
Research BUOWSR/RETWSR 10204 FS Salaried, FTE based. Annual salary must match the regular 9-month position.
Administrative BUOWSA/RETWSA 10272 AS Salaried, FTE based. Annual salary must match the regular 9-month position.
Administrative Stipend BUOSS9 10107 AS Appointment salary is a flat dollar amount.
Law School BUOWLS 10203 FS Pay based on appointment type (research, admin, stipend, teaching). Same as above.
Department head stipend BUODHS 10107 AS Appointment salary is a flat dollar amount.
Summer term coordinator stipend BUOSSC 10107 AS Appointment salary is a flat dollar amount.


Summer Stipends - NEW Summer 2024

The summer form upload has a specific section for summer stipends which eliminates the need to include a PAW form. If you have a summer stipend to submit, please fill out the employee information as normal. The next section of the form includes the required information for the stipend. Please include the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Total Stipend Amount: This is a “flat rate amount”. This can include payments that are part of an agreement where the payment is a percentage of an employee’s base rate, a single month’s salary, for example. Specifically, these are non-FTE based payments.
  • Stipend Duration: Include the start and end date which the payments should be paid out. Dates vary for stipends but typically match the term dates or use the first and last of the month with which they should be paid.
  • Labor Distribution: Please include the index code for the stipend pay. There is a button to “add another item” which allows you to add multiple indexes, if needed.

Please attach any documentation regarding the stipend to the supplemental documents section. No PAW is required.

Summer Appointment PAW Instructions

Summer term assignments are unique due to the variable length of courses and how they are appointed for payroll. The summer term payroll dates span from June 16 to September 15, and pay dates must be within these dates. Any work overlapping into fall term must be paid as overload or on a separate assignment. In rare cases exceptions can be made, like international exchanges that require the summer appointment dates to match actual travel dates for insurance purposes.

Complete a PAW to cover the work and timeframe to be paid. DO NOT submit a PRF for summer pay.

The PAW can cover the entire summer term for the same summer appointment type in the same department. Reminder: do not combine summer teaching and research/admin on the same PAW. Submit each position on a separate form.

The following instructions walk through the PAW fields and how to complete the PAW for a summer assignment. Examples can be found on the Example PAWs page:

PAW field Instructions
Full name Employee's first and last name
ID number Employee's UO ID (95) number
Annual salary Base rate for this summer term position. See Summer Appointment Types above.
Annual basis 9
Position  Position number. See Summer Appointment Types above.
Suffix For a renewal, use the same suffix as in Banner. For the first appointment to a new position number, use 00. For a new appointment to the same position number in a new department, use 01, 02, etc.
Dates and index

Use the Index lines to show the labor distribution and dates of the summer appointment. 

Examples: 6/16/xx to 7/15/xx,  7/16/xx to 8/15/xx,  6/16/xx to 9/15/xx,  etc. Summer pay has a one-week minimum. If the duration of the appointment is shorter than than one week (for example, a weekend class) spread the pay over 1 week.

Complete the Upload Form

Complete ALL required fields on the Summer Upload Form.


Use this to summarize the appointment or provide additional information for approvers in the workflow not included in the attachments. If there is summer overload, insert the overload note as indicated below.


Overload payments are the exception in summer term, but it is understood that they can occur.  Any overload must be communicated in the Remarks.

In the Remarks, include a justification for the reason for the overload as in the following examples:

Example:  Overload: FTE 0.50  6/16-7/15 Index BPMOX 100% Overload Includes – Teaching a 4- credit course in the first 4 week summer session in addition to a 4 credit course in an 8 week session (6/16-8/15).

Example:  Overload: FTE 0.0243 6/16-7/15 Index BPMOX 100% Banner math overload.

File to Review

Upload a single PAW. Only one document will be reviewed per submission.

Supplemental Documents

Attach any required documents as indicated in the table below, as well as any approvals captured outside of the form submission workflow.

Appointment Type Supplemental Documents

Assignment memo/email

New to UO hire:
Assignment memo/email
Copy of background check clearance email 

Research N/A
Administrative Faculty Pay Action Form, if new 
Administrative stipend Faculty Pay Action Form, if new 
Department head Faculty Pay Action Form, if new
Summer term coordinator Faculty Pay Action Form, if new

Complete Workflow Approval Steps

There are three workflow steps available to the department. See our document submission forms page for instructions on how to complete this step. Do not edit any workflow steps beyond the 3 approvals for the department. Any additional approvals will need to be captured outside of the forms workflow, by uploading an email, etc to the supplemental documents section.


Email or your Dean's office with any summer appointment submission questions.