Parenting & Family Resources

Pregnancy Accommodation Notification

Pregnancy Accommodation Notification is provided to new employees at the time of their hire and to employees who inform their supervisors of their pregnancy.  This resource should be provided within 10 calendar days of notification to their supervisor. The letter includes information about university resources available to support employees during and after their pregnancy, as well as information about workplace accommodations. 

Connecting Families at the UO

UO Families Listserv is a subscribed email list for the UO community. The listserv is used to distribute the "Resources for UO Families" email on the first and third Tuesday of each month. This mailing includes information about free or low cost events and programs open to all members of the community, with a focus on information for families with children. To be added to the listserv, visit the subscription management page.

Lactation Support

UO supports nursing mothers on campus by offering lactation rooms and a refrigerator loan program.

Campus Resources

  • Center for Healthy Relationships
    Provides individual therapy services to all ages for a wide range of concerns.
  • Center on Teaching & Learning
    Resources and Activities for Parents.
  • Child and Family Center
    Offers a wide-range of services to help families navigate challenging periods of a child's life.
  • Team Duckling
    UO faculty and students study how children learn and grow.  Learn more about our group and sign up for our studies.
  • Youth & Family Fitness
    Bring your children to the Student Recreation Center for Duck Trails summer and no-school day camps, a variety of youth lessons and family recreation.

Community Resources

Employee Assistance Program
Canopy, the university's employee assistance program (EAP) provides assistance with childcare, education issues, behavioral difficulties, development concerns and adoption information.

Family Support

UO is committed to supporting members of the campus community with family responsibilities.

  • Parental Leave and Medical Leave
    Visit the Employee Leaves webpage for more information about parental leave, medical leave, and other leave options for eligible employees.
  • Pregnancy Notification to Employee
    The university offers many resources to support employees during and after their pregnancy. The Pregnancy Notification to Employee letter highlights these university resources and provides contact information for additional questions.
  • Tenure Track Faculty-Tenure Clock Considerations
    The "tenure, promotion, and review clock" shall be stopped, unless the bargaining unit faculty member specifies otherwise, in the following circumstances:
  1. for one year upon the birth or adoption of a child;
  2. due to a leave of absence or intermittent leave as a result of an ADA or FMLA qualifying event.
  • Flexible Work Arrangement and Work-Life Guidance
    This policy provides guidance for creating flexibility for individual work arrangements and establishes structure for employees and their units to explore flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of both the employee and the university.
  • Work-Life Policy
    The University of Oregon supports faculty, staff, and student employees (including Graduate Employees) in their pursuit of a balanced lifestyle.

Veteran Family Resources