Benefits Annual Open Enrollment

open enrollment image
Open Enrollment ended October 31.

If you did not complete your open enrollment by the October 31 deadline, contact the Benefits Office at (541) 346-3085.

All new, current, and returning employees were required to take action for 2018 benefits. If you did not complete open ernollment, you will incur additional costs which include:

  • Additional $100/person medical plan deductible
  • Tobacco Surcharge (even if you don’t use tobacco)
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Surcharge (if enrolled on your medical plan)

You can remove the pending monthly surcharges for tobacco use and spouse/partner other coverage by completing the Core and Option Benefit Correction Form. (link is external)

Open Enrollment Corrections:

If you took action during open enrollment and need to make a correction, you must submit an Open Enrollment Correction form.  Complete the correct form and submit all all pages to the UO Benefits Office by 1/31/18 via email, fax, or drop it off.

Core and Optional Benefit Correction Form (link is external)

Flexible Spending Account Correction Form (link is external) - Deadline to submit corrections to your FSA is 2/28/18