Resources for Students

Starting Fall 2016, negotiations between the Graduate School and the GTFF supported the hiring of a Graduate Families GE, a part-time position which will support graduate students who have families. This GE will support graduate students by providing information and resources, putting on events, and serving as a resource and advocate. To receive email updates about campus and community resources, events, funding opportunities, financial assistance, childcare and more, email your name to join the listserv curated by the new Graduate Families GE or email the GE directly with your questions or to schedule a meeting at

We know that student parents face unique challenges in balancing their school and life commitments. Whether you’re trying to choose the right childcare option, need lactation support on campus or want to connect with other student parents, the resources below provide information about campus and community assistance.

Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing information for a particular topic.  For more information or assistance, contact Jen Mirabile, Sr. Programs Coordinator, (541)346-2195 or email