Transfer to Other UO Department

An employee transfer requires the completion of a Payroll Request Form (PRF) in order to end the employee’s job within your department.  DO NOT COMPLETE THE EMPLOYEE SEPARATION FIELD when an employee is transferring to another department within the university.   The employee’s resignation letter should be attached to the PRF when it is forwarded to Human Resources.  Include in the notes section that this employee has taken a job with “Name of Department”.

  • COMPLETE a separation Form.
  • COMPLETE the Banner Access Form to terminate your department’s banner access for this employee.
  • Sick leave and vacation hours are generally transferred to the employee’s new position within the university.  If the employee is transferring to another institution covered by this Agreement, PERS and the new University’s policy on transfer of accrued sick leave shall govern the number of hours transferred.  Please review Employee Leaves on the University’s HR website.
  • COMPLETE & FILE the Employment Checklist in your employee’s department file.