Manager's Engagement Toolkit: Recognition

Recognize contributions.

Recognition, no matter how big or small, makes employees feel seen and their contributions noticed, and they are more motivated to get involved and engage within their workplace.

The following actions and reference tools are provided from resource libraries available to UO supervisors and employees such as LinkedIn Learning and Gallup.

Recommended Actions

  • Use these Engaging Conversation Starters to identify what motivates each of your team members and discuss how theteam can build a recognition-rich environment.
  • Make recognition a regular agenda item at your meetings. Begin or end staff meetings with kudos, brief praise or recognition of something special someone has done.
  • Acknowledge individual success and contributions verbally or in written thank you notes.
  • Recognize small accomplishments to sustain employees in their day-to-day work.
  • Encourage team members to share and recognize others.

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