Manager's Engagement Toolkit: Onboarding & Orientation

Provide an effective onboarding and orientation experience.

Effectively orienting and onboarding new employees to the campus, your department/unit, and to their position is critical to establishing successful, productive working relationships.

The following actions and reference tools are provided from resource libraries available to UO supervisors and employees such as LinkedIn Learning and Gallup.

Recommended Actions

  • Create and implement a plan for effectively onboarding and orienting new team members.
    Refer to the Orientation & Onboarding Guide for Supervisors for more information.
  • Establish open lines of communications to lay a strong foundation for asking questions, learning on-the-job, and giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Review standards and expectations so the employee knows what is expected.
  • Foster positive working relationships between the new employee and team members.
  • Check-in with the new employee frequently throughout their first 90 days to demonstrate support, identify concerns, and make adjustments as needed so that you both have a positive experience and establish an effective working relationship.

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