Bargaining Updates: United Academics

The University of Oregon and United Academics (UA) have begun the collective bargaining process for a new contract. Negotiations are expected to continue at least through the spring term. The current contract expires on June 30, 2020.

United Academics represented university faculty, which includes tenure-track and career faculty. The university greatly values the mission-critical work our faculty contribute in support of our academic and research pursuits. As a comprehensive public research university committed to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service, it is our goal to recruit and retain world-renown faculty that make our institute successful and competitive now and in the future.

Information and Updates

University negotiations with United Academics are based on the following principles:

  • Commitment to faculty support and recognition
    Recognize and support faculty and their roles related to student education, experience, and research. Provide fair and competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain faculty.
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion
    Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion through intentional efforts and fair participation.
  • Responsible stewardship of public funds and tuition dollars
    Be good stewards of tuition and taxpayer dollars by allocating resources responsibly.
  • Commitment of good faith
    Work in good faith throughout the negotiation process to achieve an agreement that best meets the needs of our faculty and the entire university. Create a space during negotiations for open, collaborative and interest-based conversations and creative solutions
  • Respect
    Respect the role and the rights of each party during these negotiations, as well as the role of other stakeholders on campus.
  • Informative
    Provide factual information and periodic updates to keep key stakeholders apprised, engaged, and informed.

Information and Updates

Keeping the campus community informed during on-going negotiations with United Academics is a priority. Updates on the bargaining process will be published as information becomes available.

Questions and requests for additional information should be directed to the bargaining team in Employee and Labor Relations at

Update: April 16, 2021

United Academics and the university have agreed to pause bargaining until later this summer. This pause will allow all to conclude this academic year with a focus on our students’ success, our research, and preparing to welcome our incoming students to campus in the fall.

This pause will also allow both parties to reconvene at a time when there is more certainty about the university’s state appropriation and fall enrollment. Both of these are critical financial variables for the university community and our bargaining.

The parties look forward to resuming discussions and are optimistic that in-person bargaining will be possible later this summer. While Zoom has enabled important discussions during the pandemic, it is not a replacement for the dialogue and consensus building the physical bargaining table provides.

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Update: April 7, 2021

The University of Oregon and United Academics (UA) opened bargaining for a new collective bargaining agreement in February with the first few sessions focused on ground rules and key principles, and in March, UA introduced some initial proposals. This month, bargaining continues on a fairly regular schedule with parties planning to meet every other Tuesday.

Last summer, agreement was reached on many shared interests related to career faculty, which strengthened the role of instruction for students and the University of Oregon for years to come. During current bargaining, the university will shift focus to tenure-related faculty by introducing limited proposals that promote long term success for both faculty and the university. Proposals and negotiations will seek to lessen ambiguity in the contract and provide better clarity on expectations and processes that relate to tenure-related faculty such as post tenure promotion and Tenure Reduction Program, among others.

The UO bargaining team will remain mindful that the university community continues to operate in the midst of a pandemic and recognizes that all are focused on many priorities as we find new ways to accomplish work and prepare for more robust on-campus instruction, research, and activities this fall. Periodic updates that align with significant developments or decisions and the pace of bargaining will be provided as the process unfolds.