Direct Appointments: Classified Staff

The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruiting and employing well qualified candidates for available employment opportunities.  Consistent with that commitment, it is the university’s practice to conduct competitive searches to enhance the excellence of the institution’s workforce, and to facilitate the attainment of affirmative action goals and objectives.  As appropriate, the university will recruit both within and outside its work force to obtain qualified applicants, with the scope of search national, regional or local, depending on the nature of the position. 

The university recognizes that there may be situations in which a compelling reason exists to make a direct appointment.  Direct appointments are considered an exception to general guidelines and will be considered only under certain circumstances.

Process for Direct Appointments

A hiring unit requesting consideration for a direct appointment without a search either of a current university employee or a candidate external to the university, will be asked to provide justification for the appointment through submission of the position description, job requisition, and the appropriate justification form, in MyTrack, the online talent management system.

Direct appointments to classified positions is managed in accordance with the SEIU collective bargaining agreement.

Article 32, Section 10. Direct Appointment

The university may use noncompetitive selection and appointment for unskilled or semi-skilled positions or where job- related ranking measures are not practical or appropriate. Direct appointments may also be made under the following circumstances:

(A) An administrative or court order, tort settlement, or grievance resolution requires the appointment;

(B) The person has completed an apprenticeship program within the university, appointment to which was through a competitive process;

(C) The person separated from the university, within the past two (2) years in good standing and is applying for a position in an equivalent or lower classification;

(D) The person is being transferred into an equivalent or lower classification within the university; or
(E) A competitive recruitment results in no suitable candidates and the person meets the minimum qualifications for a related position in a lower classification and the person will meet the minimum qualifications of the position within twenty-four (24) months of the appointment.

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