Job Requisition User Roles and Access

The table below shows the access granted to each user role on the job requisition. User roles can be updated at any time during the search, even after the requisition has been approved. A single individual may be assigned to multiple user roles if needed.

For more information about the purpose of each role can be found in the User Roles table

  User Role on Requisition   View Requisition?    View Applicants?    Adjust Applicant Statuses?    View Search Committee Feedback? 
 Hiring Manager   Yes   Yes   Yes   No 
 HR Administrator (Unit)   Yes   Yes   No   No 
 Hiring Manager Proxy - No Selection Outcomes   No   Yes   No   No 
 Hiring Manager Proxy - With Selection Outcomes   No   Yes   Yes   No 
 Search Administrator   No   Yes   No   Yes