MyTrack User Guide: Job Requisition

STEP 1: Create a new recruitment/requisition

Click 'Manage position description library' in the tile labeled 'Job description' or click the three stacked bars in the upper left of the header bar and select 'Manage position description library' under 'Workflows'.

From the Position Description Library, search for the position you want to recruit for.

Click “Recruit for position” to the right of the listing.


You will be presented with the job requisition information page. Relevant information about the position will be brought over from the position description. Information about the requisition will be filled out in the 'Position info' tab. Ensure you complete all mandatory fields (these are marked with an asterisk).

STEP 2: Additional Information

Use the 'Notes" tab to record extra information about the requisition. You can send emails about the recruitment from the notes tab. Notes will be visible to anyone who has accesses to the requisition.

Use the 'Documents' tab to attach recruitment documents (if needed). Documents will be accessible to anyone with access to the requisition.

STEP 3: Saving the Requisition

“Save a draft” can be used when you need to save the requisition you are working on and come back and complete it at another time. When all details have been entered, and you are ready to start the approval process, click “Submit” to submit and keep the page open or click “Submit and exit” to submit and close the page.

STEP 4: Viewing Jobs

To view a requisition, click on the 'Jobs open' link in the 'New requisition' tile on the dashboard.

Click on the column headers to sort jobs. Click “view” to open the requisition.

Jobs that are currently posted to sourcing sites can be found in the 'Advertisements' link in the 'Advertisements' tile.

Click on the column headers to sort sourced jobs. You can also preview job ads from this page.