How to File an Oregon Paid Family & Medical Leave Claim

How to File a Claim

File your claim via UO's Oregon Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) program administered by The Standard, following these instructions:

Action Step Notes
1. Notify your supervisor of your need for time off as soon as possible. 

If your leave is foreseeable, give thirty days' notice. In an emergency, you must notify your supervisor that you plan to use PFML within 24 hours. Follow up with a written notice to your supervisor within three days of starting leave. If you do not give the required notice, your first weekly benefit may be reduced.

2. Contact The Standard at 1-800-242-1888 to initiate your PFML claim. The conversation with a claims representative will take 10-15 minutes.

The Standard will ask you for the following information:

  • Employer name: University of Oregon
  • Group policy number: 762384-Z
  • Your name and Social Security number
  • Name and contact information of your healthcare provider
  • Last date you worked or last date you plan to work
  • Reason for leave
  • Estimated duration of your leave.

3. Watch your mailbox. You will receive a packet to complete and return to The Standard within 30 days.

The UO Benefits Office will also verify your employment and wages with The Standard, in addition to the information you provide.
4. The Leaves Coordinator in UO Benefits will ask you for additional information. Please supply this information in a timely manner so your claim can be processed efficiently.

The Leaves Coordinator will ask you to confirm the following information:

  • Employee information (UO ID, home department, etc.)
  • Leave dates and reason
  • Whether and how you elect to "top off" your PFML benefit to maintain wages/benefits

5. Report your "top-off" leave on your monthly timecard following your unit's usual monthly process.

If you choose not to top off your PFML benefits, you'll receive a self-pay notice to continue your benefits. Submit payment to the UO Benefits Office each month to maintain your benefits coverage.

6. Communicate your return to work status to The Standard and your supervisor throughout the life of your claim.


Benefits Calculator

The Standard provides a calculator to help employees estimate their weekly PFML benefits. Actual benefit amounts may vary once you have submitted your claim and it has been adjudicated by an examiner. The tool is not a guarantee of eligibility nor benefit amount.

In the calculator, select Oregon as your work state, enter your estimated leave start date, and then your hourly wage or annual salary, then click Calculate.


If you have questions regarding your claim while it is active, email The Standard at If you have questions about the university's PFML process that aren't answered on this webpage or in the FAQs, email