Expansion of Duties (Faculty)

When to use:

Use to recognize someone who has taken on significantly greater responsibility and complexity in their duties due to institutional need and when the unit/department is not back filling the position or reassigning significant or essential functions of the existing position. The increase in responsibility and/or complexity is intended to be long term; this is not to be used in situations where someone has temporarily taken on greater responsibility or complexity in their duties.


  • Unit/Department will update the position description and submit it through MyTrack. Units/Departments should select either the "expansion of duties with pay increase" or "expansion of duties with no pay increase" as the reason for position description submission in MyTrack.
  • If the expansion of duties includes a proposed pay increase, the Unit/Department will provide potential comparators (if known) and list the recurring funding source via MyTrack in the notes section. Unit/Department will also provide justification for the expansion of duties in the notes or documents tab, along with the previous position description and a faculty pay action form.
  • HR will review the updated position description and all additional submitted information to ensure that an Expansion of Duties review is appropriate.
    • If it is not deemed appropriate, HR will contact the Unit/Department to discuss other options and the Expansion of Duties review will end.
  • If it is deemed appropriate, HR will review the FLSA status (exempt or nonexempt), classification status, ensure the position’s responsibilities align with the requirements listed in the position description, and assign the appropriate compensation band and salary, updating this information in the MyTrack position description.
  • HR will initiate the exceptions approval process, if necessary. See below for details.
  • Once all required approvals have been gained (see approval process below), HR Operations will initiate PRF/EPAF via UO Forms to update Banner and Payroll with approved changes. The Hiring Manager listed on the PD will be copied on the submission.

Note: In most cases, increases will be effective only prospectively, beginning the pay period following HR’s receipt of the request and all required information and approvals.

Exception approval required if:

  • The salary increase requested is more than 20% of current salary or is above the compensation band maximum. This will require approval by the Provost.
  • There is a lack of alignment between Dean and HR regarding compensation band or salary increase amount. This will require approval by the Provost.