Remote Work: Professional Development

Professional development and training are critical to employee engagement and job satisfaction regardless of an employee's work arrangement. Opportunities for personal and professional development through training are an effective way to keep employees interested in their work and enhance retention.

Professional development opportunities are particularly important for employees with flexible work arrangements to keep them engaged and help them to grow in their career at UO.

Supervisors should promote a culture of continuous learning by:

  • Setting learning and professional development goals with employees and integrating those goals into the performance review process.
  • Engaging employees in group conversations about learning experiences and successful ways that they have continued to learn on-the-job.
  • Encouraging employees to participate in learning and professional development opportunities and create space and time in their schedule to allow for their participation.
  • Promoting LinkedIn Learning as continuous learning tool and sharing relevant trainings with employees through the LinkedIn Learning platform.
  • Modeling continuous learning by sharing new knowledge you obtain from professional development activities you attend and lessons learned from recently completed work or projects.

The following resources offer ideas for promoting continuous learning in the workplace and provide additional insight into the relationship between continuous learning and job satisfaction: