Remote Work Arrangements Guidance

In addition to complying with all components of the Flexible Work Arrangements Policy and Procedures, the following guidance applies to Remote Work (Telecommuting) arrangements.

Remote work arrangements should take into consideration the following factors in order to implement and maintain a successful working arrangement for the university and the employee.

Employee Guide for Remote Work:

The Employee Guidance provides ideas and suggestions to remain actively engaged while working remotely.

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Management Considerations

Cultivating and maintaining effective working relationships with employees who work remotely is important to employee engagement and job satisfaction. Explore the following key components of employee management for ideas and suggestions for keeping remote workers engaged:

Logistical Considerations

Successful remote work arrangements require careful planning and consideration for work space, equipment, and resource management. Refer to the following guidance to establish a solid remote work foundation:


Ergonomic Support for Remote Employees Program 

Environmental Health Safety (EHS) has developed a program for employees who are assigned to work remotely for at least 20 hours a week. The Ergonomic Support for Remote Employees Program provides employees with access to a web-based training and self-assessment tools, equipment/furniture lending program, and further assistance when needed. This program promotes working safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Take steps to improve the ergonomics so your remote workspace works best for you, is comfortable for long periods of time, and to reduce strain on the body and prevent injury.

LinkedIn Learning 

The following LinkedIn Learning courses are available to assist supervisors and employees in building or enhancing the skills needed for operating in a remote/hybrid work environment.

Questions related to Flexible Work Arrangements Policy or Procedures can be directed to University HR’s Employee and Labor Relations team at