Criminal, Credit and Related Background Checks

The University of Oregon conducts criminal, credit and related background checks on finalists for positions designated by policy to ensure a safe and secure work environment in which university faculty, staff, students, resources and assets are protected. Criminal and other background checks do not take the place of reference checks on employment history, which should also be conducted before a final hiring decision.

The relevant UO Policy can be found online at It applies to candidates for designated positions in all categories of employment: unclassified, classified, temporary and student.

UO has contracted with a third-party provider, CICS Employment Services, to conduct the background checks. Credit history checks will be made in accordance with recently implemented Oregon statute. Staff in Human Resources administer the policy and coordinate with CICS to conduct the applicable background check(s). Departments are not charged for the cost of background checks.

Department heads or supervisors who believe that a vacant position’s duties meet the criteria for a background check request approval by submitting a “Request to Designate Position for Criminal, Credit, or Related Background Check” to Human Resources. This form may be included with recruitment paperwork. Human Resources will retain the form (if approved) with a copy of the position description.

Recruiting announcements for designated positions that require one or more background check(s) will include a standard statement notifying potential applicants of the intent to conduct criminal and/or credit background check(s) as follows: “Position is subject to criminal background check” or “Position is subject to criminal and credit history background check.”

Finalists for positions requiring a background check will be required to complete and sign a release form authorizing the University of Oregon to conduct the check. Hiring supervisors complete the bottom portion of the form, witness the signature of the finalist, and fax or hand deliver to Human Resources at x6-2548. Release forms: Permission to Procure an Investigative Report (criminal), Credit Bureau Report Authorization.  Human Resources will coordinate the background check with CICS and notify department whether the check has cleared, usually in one or two days. In rare instances, a criminal background check may be completed by an outside organization, such as a search firm. In these cases, confirmation that a criminal background check was conducted with satisfactory results will be maintained in Human Resources.

The backgrounds for international students and scholars are cleared by the US Department of State prior to receiving a visa to attend school and work in the United States.  Visas are revoked if convictions occur while these individuals are in the US. 

An applicant denied employment based on unsatisfactory results will receive notification from Human Resources of rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, including his or her right to review results and obtain information about contacting agencies that provided background check(s) results. Copies of the notification of denial shall be retained in Human Resources.