New Instructional Pro Tem Hiring Process FAQ

If I have an existing pool about to expire, how do I launch a new pool?

You can launch a new pool from the position description used to create your last pool.  To do so, go to the PD used for the last pool in your PD library and click "Recruit for Position" next to that approved PD.  This will launch a new requisition, and you can fill in the updated details for the new pool.  If you have minimal changes (dates, cosmetic updates, etc.) please leave a note in the requisition requesting these changes be made on the requisition prior to posting. If more substantial changes are needed, before launching the requisition you can edit the PD.  Please make a note about the changes; review will be expedited as much as possible.

Pools can remain open (accepting new candidates) for 12 months; you can view the date a pool was launched in the requisition by looking at the Recruiter (Central HR) final approver date in the MyTrack requisition.

Why is this new process only for instructional pro tem pools? Why can’t I use it for research, clinical, or visiting positions?

Instructional positions are similar enough across disciplines that we can utilize more generic position descriptions to evaluate and announce jobs and to complete hiring requirements. Positions in the research, clinical, and visiting categories require more specificity at the point of hire; for example, postdoctoral scholars are required to have a mentoring plan, other research positions require specificity about the specific functions.

What if we need more position numbers added to our pool requisition or new position numbers created after we submit the Position Number Assignment spreadsheet?

You can submit an additional spreadsheet at any time using the instructions on the spreadsheet.

Can I reuse position numbers when assigning them to requisitions?

Talent Acquisition can assign position numbers that have previously been filled to your requisitions after they have been vacant for two years.

In the future, will there be an annual launch of pools coordinated by Talent Acquisition?

We are considering this for next year. A decision will likely be based on whether there is a single timeframe that can be identified for all schools and colleges to launch pools. We will continue to coordinate the assignment of position numbers to open requisitions regardless of whether pools launch at the same times.

If I use last year's PD to launch this year’s pool, will the position numbers assigned to the old pool copy over as well?

No, each new requisition will need to have position numbers assigned to it.  You will need to identify the position numbers to assign to your new pool using the spreadsheet method described in Step 2 for instructional positions.

What happens if I accidentally assign the same position number to multiple pools or assign a position number that is already filled to a requisition? Or if I have an outgoing and incoming employee who will have the same position for a brief period?

We check for this at the final offer stage and understand there may be some overlap necessary where two employees have the same position number for a short period of time. If the duplication is in error and is not caught at the final offer review, payroll transactions of new hires are audited monthly by HR Operations and Payroll, and duplicated position numbers on active employees are corrected. If there are questions, the unit will be contacted directly.

Will I ever have to create a MyTrack position description for each individual hire I make from a pool?

No. Instructional pro tem faculty hired through this process will not have a position description in MyTrack (similar to tenure-track faculty following the implementation of the IHP hiring process last year). If your unit workload policy requires a position description, those will need to be maintained within the department, school, or college. If you need a position description for some other purpose, such as identifying essential functions for an ADA accommodation, consult with the Employee and Labor Relations unit within HR.

If I assign or create position numbers that are not used to hire from my pool, what happens to those numbers?

You don’t have to utilize all the position numbers that you assign to your pool requisition for hires. If the position number remains unfilled, you can request to have it assigned to subsequent years’ pool requisitions.

How does this model work for pro tem positions that have been approved as permanent, if we need to reuse these position numbers for hires without the two-year gap in use?

We are working to develop a designation for these positions in Banner. Until then, you will need to track them internally. You may assign them to a pool requisition and reuse them as needed, even if they have been vacant for less than the two-year period.