MyTrack User Guide: Managing Onboarding Tasks

What you do:

Access the Onboarding New Hires.

You can access the New Hire onboarding tasklist from your dashboard by clicking on the “new hires” link in the Offers tile.

What you see:


You can also access this tasklist by clicking “my new hires” next to the purple bubble in your stacked menu. 


My New Hires.

Your new hires will be listed.  If tasks need to be completed, you can click on “view all tasks”.

You can click on “disable onboarding emails” to disable ALL onboarding emails.

New Hire Tasks.

New hire tasks are available for supervisors and onboarding delegates.

Employee name, start date, and job are referenced in the upper left-hand corner.

Tasks labeled by person assigned (employee or supervisor).


Tasks for the Employee are in identified by the blue icon.  Tasks for the supervisor are identified by the red icon.  The due date is listed under the task.

Click on the task to view task information.  Click on the pencil/paper icon to edit the task.

Completed tasks are faded out with a complete date on them.

Edit tasks.

You can edit tasks that have not been completed. 

Take care when editing tasks, tasklists are configured to ensure new employees have important information.  Editing taskslists can mean that important information may be missed.


Notifying of changes.

If changes are made, notify the Employee.  You can click on the “notify updates” link next to the envelope icon