Disability Accommodation Process Guide

Workplace accommodations are intended to help enable employees with disabilities to overcome the impact of disability-related limitations so that they can effectively perform the essential functions of their job and/or otherwise enjoy an equal employment opportunity. Accommodations come in many different forms – such as ergonomic furniture or a modified schedule – and each request requires an individualized assessment.

The Disability Accommodation Process Guide is intended to provide members of the campus community with helpful information regarding the process for university employees to request workplace accommodations and related considerations, such as privacy of medical information, the role of the ADA Coordinator, and reassignment. This document does not address other aspects of the university’s disability-related efforts, such as student accommodations, accommodations for qualified applicants, or members of the public. This document is not meant to be contractual in nature or to conflict with or supersede other contracts or collective bargaining agreements.

While this document covers many aspects of the accommodation process, it is not comprehensive. Moreover, due to the evolving landscape of accessibility and disability rights laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA), the applicability of certain guidance set forth herein may change over time. Accordingly, reasonable efforts will be made to update this document in a timely manner to ensure the university community has good and accurate information at its disposal.