UO Kids on Campus Day: FAQs

UO Kids on Campus Day: FAQs

Q: What is UO Kids on Campus Day?
A: UO Kids on Campus Day is a one-day event designed for employees to spend quality time on campus with the kids in their lives and showcase their workplace. Collaborative partners from across the institution host experiences, opportunities, activities, and tours to highlight what it is like to be a part of the UO community. We are creating and holding space for UO families to meet and engage in a shared experience. We aspire to inspire and empower the next generation through this immersive experience and opportunities that:

  • Encourage kids to stay curious about the world around them and to set ambitious goals for their future.
  • Expose kids to the power of higher education and help them understand the value of their education.
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities that ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and allow kids to discover their unique interests and talents while having fun.

Q: How do we participate? 
A: Complete the registration form and show up on the day of the event! Authentication is required to access the registration form by using your UO Duck ID and password.  Please note that registration is required to participate in the event.  

Q: How do we get from event to event?
A: Transportation to the University of Oregon, Eugene campus, for UO Kids on Campus Day is up to the families who are attending. All event locations will be on campus. As you go from event to event you will also have the chance to see the UO Eugene Campus in action. We will provide a map of all event locations for the day. You are strongly encouraged to use UO Campus Map (uoregon.edu) for additional help in finding your correct location.

Q: Where do I check in on event day?
A: UO Kids on Campus Day will start in the Lee Barlow Giustina Ballroom inside the Ford Alumni Center, which is right next door to Matthew Knight Arena. There will be check-in tables inside. Grab a picture with the Golden Duck statue on your way in or out!

Q: Who may come to UO Kids on Campus Day?
A: All UO employees are encouraged to invite their daughters, sons, kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or any important kid in their life in 4th through 8th grade to this event. A Parent Permission and Liability Release Form, included in the registration form, must be signed by the parent or guardian for each child.

Q: Do kids need a waiver to attend?
A: Yes. A Parent Permission and Liability Release Form is included in the registration process and must be completed by a parent or guardian.  If you are registering a kid in your life and you are not the parent or guardian, please email UOFamilies@uoregon.edu and we will provide you the form to be completed by the parent or guardian and return directions. 

Q: Is lunch provided? Breakfast? 
A: We ask that you come fed and ready for the day as breakfast will not be provided. Lunch vouchers will be provided. Participants can claim a lunch voucher at the welcome session to enjoy lunch at the Carson Dining Hall right here on campus. Lunch vouchers can be used between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on event day. If you’d like to explore other food options on or around campus, you may, but you will have to pay for those options as the lunch voucher is only good at Carson Dining Hall. You must be present at check-in to claim a lunch voucher. 

Q: At what age can children participate?
A: UO Kids on Campus Day will host events geared toward kids in grades 4th through 8th grade.  You will indicate the age(s) of the child(ren) you are bringing on your registration form.

Q: What if we are a “no-show” to an RSVP event? 
A: If you have a change in your schedule and are no longer able to attend or need to cancel due to illness, please contact us at UOFamilies@uoregon.edu or call Tiffany Lundy at 541-346-2801. 

Q: I can’t attend for the whole day. Can I just attend for a portion of it? 
A: Yes! The day is designed to give families the opportunity to experience as much or as little of the University of Oregon as they want. The first half of the day is geared towards attending an Immersive Experience. We will do our best to give participants one of their top three preferred options. The second half of the day gives you a chance to explore the UO at your own pace by taking tours or participating in drop-in activities. 

Q: How do employees participate in this event during work time?
A: Employees need to get approval from their supervisor to take time away, shift schedules, or take time off to participate in the event if it falls during their scheduled work time. Employees need to also confirm approval for kids to visit the workplace. Supervisors are encouraged to support employee participation if possible. 

Q: Are there any safety rules?
A: You are responsible for supervising your child(ren) at all UO Kids on Campus Day-related events. Children cannot be left unattended at any time during the day. Parents/guardians will confirm in the required liability waiver that there are no undisclosed health-related reasons or problems that will inhibit the child(ren) from safely participating in any activities. Please contact Human Resources at UOFamilies@uoregon.edu in advance to request accommodation or other health-related information. 

Q: How much does UO Kids on Campus Day cost?
A: UO Kids on Campus Day is hosted and sponsored by University Human Resources and many campus partners, allowing for no cost to UO employees to participate. Please note that registration is required by the posted deadline. 

Q: What are the activities? 
A: A list of the activities will be posted on the UO Kids on Campus Day webpage closer to event day. 

Q: Any other things I should know?
A: Have fun! This is a day to explore and try new things while spending time with kids who are important in your life. We want all families involved in UO Kids on Campus Day to experience the opportunities that UO has to offer. Show your kids where you work, connect with your UO community, and let your kids dream big on UO Kids on Campus Day!