Tenure Reduction Option Procedures

Faculty Member:

  1. Review and become familiar with the Tenure Reduction Program policies.
  2. Contact the Benefits Office in the Office of Human Resources regarding benefits associated with retirement. It is especially important that ORP participants review the ORP Retired Participant Information. Contact the Benefits Office with questions.
  3. Discuss timing of retirement with Department Head and/or Dean.
  4. Complete the TRP application. For Law School faculty, the application form is here: Law Application.
  5. Submit your required form to your Department Head and/or Dean for signature.
  6. When letter of agreement (LOA) is received from Executive Vice Provost, sign and return LOA to Human Resources within 60 days.
  7. When a decision has been made to retire, submit a letter of intent to retire to Department Head and/or Dean. A faculty member may, at his or her option, bring forward their designated retirement date. No faculty member is allowed to extend their employment at the University beyond their originally designated retirement date.
  8. If retirement decision was different than original LOA, return amendment letter to HR.


  1. Discuss intent to retire, and potential retirement date with faculty member.
  2. Review TRP application submitted by faculty member.
  3. Forward the signed TRP application to Human Resources (HR).
  4. When the faculty member’s letter of intent to retire has been submitted, submit the PRF to Payroll to end the faculty member's tenured position.
  5. Submit a PRF to end any awards or stipends, if applicable. Awards and stipends are not automatically rolled into the faculty member's final salary. Discuss and secure approval from the Office of the Provost for any post-retirement salary adjustments.
  6. Prior to the term(s) or semester(s) faculty member is scheduled to teach, create and submit a PRF to HR noting the course name and number on the form.
  7. Track the number of TRP assignments faculty member has served.

Human Resources:

  1. Upon receipt of faculty member’s TRP application, prepare letter of agreement (LOA).  Forward letter of agreement for Executive Vice Provost’s approval.
  2. Send LOA for faculty member’s signature.
  3. When signed LOA is received from faculty member, distribute copies to faculty member, Department and/or Dean, and Human Resources Benefits Office.
  4. Generate and submit Payroll Request Form (PRF) to Payroll to initiate faculty member’s 6% salary increase. Distribute copies to Department and/or Dean.
  5. If the retirement date on the letter of intent to retire is different than the projected retirement date on the LOA, prepare an amendment letter revising start and end dates of the TRP. Distribute amendment letter to faculty member, Department Head, Dean, Human Resources Benefits Office and Payroll.
  6. Check with the Dean's Office regarding any post-retirement salary adjustments approved by the Provost's Office. Generate and submit a PRF to setup the faculty member's TRP position in the Payroll system.
  7. Process PRF from department for the faculty member’s TRP teaching assignment.
  8. Track the number of TRP assignments faculty member has served.
  9. When 5 TRP appointments are completed or the five year TRP timeline expires, generate a PRF to terminate the faculty member's TRP position; copy the department on this action.

Table Summarizing the Process


Responsible Party


Submit signed TRP application   to HR

Faculty member and Department/Dean

At least one term but not more than three years prior to expected retirement

TRP letter of agreement sent to Faculty member


Receipt of TRP application

Return signed LOA to HR

Faculty member

Must be returned within 60 days of receipt of LOA

Initiate 6% salary increase


After receipt of signed LOA

At retirement, submit retirement letter to Department/Dean


Within three years of the date stated on LOA

Prepare PRF(s) to terminate tenured position, awards, stipends


Receipt of retirement letter

Send amendment letter if retirement date is different than LOA


Receipt of retirement letter and PRF from Dept/Dean

Prepare PRF to initiate TRP position.


Receipt of retirement letter and PRF from Department/Dean

Submit PRF to HR when faculty member starts TRP assignment(s)


At least one term/semester before assignment begins

Review any PRFs from Department/Dean and submit to Payroll


Receipt of PRF