RTO Guide: Comments Tab

Comments to be included in contract: Text entered here will appear on the RTO and the Notice of Appointment.

  • Include the CLASSIFICATION for faculty represented by United Academic.
    • CLASSIFICATION: Tenure Track and Tenured
    • CLASSIFICATION: Pro Tempore
    • CLASSIFICATION: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • For TTF include additional information regarding their major review as needed.
    • Major review will occur academic year 20xx
  • If hourly this is where you will also add the following text "Pay to be determined by workload at $XX.XX per hour"

Comments to be included in VP letter: Not applicable - IGNORE

Internal (UO use only, PRF): Text entered here will appear on the RTO as a comment. This space is provided for the same kind of "remarks" that might be included on a PRF. Could include the courses the individual is going to be teaching.

  • For Postdoctoral scholars confirm an IDP is on file and include "IDP on file" in the internal comments.
  • If the employee is hourly put the anticipated FTE here.