Person Tab

The “Person” tab records information specific to a person, namely name and mailing address.

  • Citizenship: Enter the employee’s correct citizenship code, if known.
  • Salutation: Enter the appropriate salutation for the individual. Do not skip over this field. This information is needed for a cover letter from the Vice President.
  • First name, middle initial, last name: Verify the name is listed accurately.
  • Address: Notice of Appointments are no longer mailed and are issued electronically.  The address should be left blank or be a university address only.

Skip over the "Seq" box unless it is necessary to select an address from BANNER. “Seq” refers to the numbering system for addresses stored in BANNER. If you must use a BANNER address, click on the search button to see what is available, and use the "Select" button to return with values.
Enter a campus address if desired. A campus address should be entered as follows:

Seq   [leave blank]
Street Line1   Department of Geography
Street Line2   University of Oregon
City, State, Zip   [leave blank]

If you want to update a BANNER address, you need to file the appropriate forms with Payroll, or the employee can do it on DuckWeb.

  • County Code and Nation Code: Fill in these fields if possible, however they are not required. Lane County is "020"; the United States is "LUS".
    If an employee's work location is outside Oregon or the United States, regardless of duration, the UO must purchase workers' compensation insurance. To ensure proper coverage, email the following information before submitting hire documents: name of employee, UO ID, date of hire, begin and end dates of job, estimated earnings for current fiscal year, hourly rate (if employed in Washington state), brief description of job duties, work address (Not PO Box), state of residence.
  • Job Location: 20D is the code for Eugene. If you need to search for another code, you can search for Oregon cities and other states by clicking on the search button. In the "Find" box, enter the name you are looking for after the percent sign, and then click "Find". For example, enter "%Portland" to find the code for Portland, then click "Find". If you can't find a code for a small town in Oregon, select the closest larger town in the same county.