References for Student Employees

Student consent required

  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy act (FERPA) restricts the release of certain information about UO students to individuals outside the university without a signed consent by the student. This includes some information that would be normally given in a work reference for student employees. Supervisors cannot release information about student employment without a specific release.

Consent form

  • Supervisors may offer to give students a written evaluation of performance at the time of termination that the student may give to prospective employers. Students may sign a consent form that allows the supervisor to release student job reference information. A form approved by the Oregon Attorney General's Office is attached. The release form can be faxed. Signed release forms should be submitted to the supervisor or department that employed the student and retained in that office.
    Consent to Release Form
  • Supervisors are encouraged to give references for student workers. Work experience while in student jobs at UO is extremely important for students seeking career positions. If supervisors have questions about student employment references, please contact a senior recruiter at 346-2963.