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Pay Actions Freeze:

Due to financial uncertainty created by COVID – 19, the University of Oregon has implemented a freeze on the following pay actions: stipends, overloads, retention increases, expansion of duties, reclassifications (exclusions), work-out-of-class, and special merit increases. Faculty stipends and overloads and SEIU work-out-of-class requests will be reviewed in accordance with UO and unit policies and collective bargaining agreements, to the extent applicable, before applying the exception process.

This action complements existing budget management measures that are in effect as we respond to financial impacts of COVID-19.

Pay actions as listed above require a justification form. For guidance and information about this action including the form and exception request process, visit the Freeze on Pay Actions webpage.


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Classification and Compensation works in partnership with campus constituents to provide strategies and solutions so that they may achieve their classification and compensation objectives in an effective, efficient, consistent, and equitable manner. We provide advisement and consultation along with other University HR areas on reorganizations and compensation considerations. Application of processes are in accordance with, applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements, policies, and procedures.

The employees of the University of Oregon are key drivers to the university fulfilling its mission and commitment to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. Establishing and maintaining compensation practices that attract and retain top talent is an institutional priority.

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Compensation Initiatives at the University of Oregon

The university is investing time and financial resources to evaluate, build, and implement compensation programs that are equitable, competitive, and compliant with federal and state laws.