New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Beginning your new position at the University of Oregon is an exciting time with a lot to do to make your start a success.  The following checklist helps you prepare and plan and guides you through the onboarding process:

Before You Arrive

  • Confirm arrival details with supervisor
    If you have not received specific information regarding your arrival, contact your supervisor to discuss and confirm where and when you should report on your first day, make transportation and parking arrangements, and other details as necessary.
  • Locate employment eligibility documents
    On your first day, you will need to complete a Form I-9 and provide acceptable documentation.  A list of acceptable documentation can be found on the last page of the form.
    Please complete Section 1: Employee Information on Form I-9, locate your original employment eligibility documents, and bring them with you on your first day.

On Your First Day

  • New Hire Forms
    • Federal Tax Form (W-4)
      All employees are required to complete form W-4, the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.  This form allows the university to withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.
    • ID verification for employment (Form I-9)
      You will need to complete Section 1: Employee Information on the Form I-9 and provide acceptable documentation on your first day.  A list of acceptable documentation can be found on the last page of the form.

Please work with your department to complete and submit your new hire forms. 

  • Obtain Personal Access Code (PAC)
    Obtain your UO ID number, which begins with "95" and is nine digits long, from your hiring department.
    Contact the Human Resources Service Center at 541-346-3159 to set your Personal Access Code (PAC) to a temporary code.
    Login to DuckWeb at using the temporary PAC. 
    You will be prompted to reset your PAC upon initial login. The PAC is case sensitive and must be exactly 6 characters long, include a capital letter, a lower case letter, and at least one number.
  • Direct deposit authorization
    Employees may enroll in Direct Deposit in one of two ways:

    1) Online Enrollment
    Log into using your UO ID (95#) and PAC
    Select "Employee Information"
    Select "Pay Information"
    Select "Direct Deposit"

    2) Paper Enrollment
    Complete a "Direct Deposit Authorization" form
    Attach a voided check to the bottom of the form
    Return this form to your HR representative or payroll administrator
  • Sign up for paperless paystubs (optional)
    The university payroll system offers web-based or paperless earning statements to its employees. Visit the Business Affairs website for more information and instructions.
  • Provide emergency contacts
    In the event of an emergency, we'd like to know who to contact on your behalf.  You may set up and update your emergency contact in DuckWeb at any time.  This information will be kept confidential.

    To add/update an Emergency Contact:
    1) Log into 
    2) Click on "Personal Information"
    3) Click on "Update Emergency Contacts"
  • Claim your DuckID
    If you have not already claimed your DuckID, please do so on your first day.

    New employees use their UO ID number and PAC to claim their DuckID and establish their Duck ID password, which is used to access UO technology systems:
    • The DuckID is the UO email address when followed by
    • Passwords must be at least 8 digits, with a minimum 1 alpha and 1 numeric. 
    • Claim your DuckID and password at

For assistance with the DuckID and password, contact the Information Services Help Desk, located at the Computing Center, by email at, by phone at 541-346-4357, or at

  • Obtain UO ID Card
    New employees may obtain a UO ID card at the UO Card Office in Room 12 of the Erb Memorial Union (EMU).  Room 12 is on the lower level, adjacent to the Union Market.  Your hiring department can assist with the documentation required.  Please bring conventional photo ID (driver’s license or passport) and your UO ID number that begins with "95."  If your ID card will be used for building access, contact your hiring department for the required information for proximity access.

    For more information, including a link to upload your ID photo, visit the Card Office website or contact them at 541-346-3113.
  • Register for Benefits Orientation  **Please note that enrollment in benefits coverage is not automatic!**
    If you are eligible for benefits, you have 30 days from date of hire to select and enroll in the UO benefit program. Coverage is effective the first of the month following your online enrollment or submission of enrollment forms to the Benefits Office. Employee Benefits Orientation is available to assist you in selecting the most appropriate plans. 
    Please work with your supervisor to register for a Benefits Orientation session that works with your schedule.  View the orientation schedule for available options.
    Please contact the Benefits Office for more information at 541-346-3085.
  • Register for New Employee Orientation
    Human Resources hosts New Employee Orientation to acquaint participants with the organization, structure, and philosophy of the University of Oregon.  This half-day workshop is designed for new administrative and classified employees; however, new or current faculty and other employees are also welcome to attend. 

Please work with your supervisor to choose a session that works best with your schedule. View the orientation schedule for available options. 

  • Get building key card access
    Check with your supervisor to ensure you have all necessary keys and any required card access to buildings.
  • Set up your voicemail
    Your supervisor should be able to provide you with your on-campus extension (6-XXXX).  On your first day, you will need to set up your voicemail.

If you prefer to receive notification of voicemails via email, please see additional instructions here:

  • Obtain parking permit (optional)
    Parking permits may be purchased online at  Employees may log in to the system using their DuckID and password.  For assistance, contact the Office of Parking and Transportation at 541-346-5444.

During Your First Month

  • Attend Benefits Orientation
    Attend the orientation session selected by you and your supervisor.
  • Complete benefits enrollment **Enrollment in benefits is not automatic**
    As a new employee, you have 30 days from your date of hire to select and enroll in the health plans.  Coverage is effective the first of the month following your online enrollment or submission of enrollment forms to the UO Benefits Office.
  • Attend New Employee Orientation
    Attend the employee orientation session selected by you and your supervisor.
  • Review employment policies
    Visit the Employee & Labor Relations section of the HR website to learn about your employee group and review applicable employee policies and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), if applicable. 

    You can also find a comprehensive list of all university policies in the UO Policy Library.

  • Workplace Harassment Prevention Training
    The University of Oregon is committed to providing an environment for its students, faculty and staff free of prohibited discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.

    In support of that commitment, Workplace Harassment Prevention training is required for all University faculty and staff.  This training is intended to better inform faculty and staff about behaviors that constitute prohibited discrimination and sexual harassment.  It is also intended to clarify each employees' understanding of their duty to report credible information regarding incidents of prohibited discrimination, including sexual assault, partner or dating violence, and gender-based stalking.

    New employees are required to complete this training within 90 days of beginning employment.  Visit the Workplace Harassment Prevention webpage for instructions on how to complete this requirement.

  • Sign up for UO Alert!
    You may sign yourself and/or your emergency contacts up for UO Alert!, a text messaging service that sends alerts regarding emergency or crisis situations on campus.

    To sign up for UO Alert!:

    • Log into
    • Click on "Personal Information"
    • Click on "Enter/Update Emergency Alert Phone(s)"