Financial Stewardship Institute

----------- The next Institute will be offered 2021-2022 -----------

Are you, or someone you know, interested in:

  • Enhancing skills in strategic thinking, proactive risk management, and decision-making around budget and finance issues?
  • Gaining experience in diagnosing and consulting on real life issues facing higher education?
  • Having opportunities to network with colleagues and subject matter experts in financial stewardship?

If so, please consider submitting a nomination for the 2021-2022 Financial Stewardship Institute.

Program Overview

The Financial Stewardship Institute is an engaging professional development program with unique workshops that require analysis and interpretation of key principles related to why we do what we do and what we do when it comes to stewarding the finances of the University of Oregon.

The cohort is comprised of individuals from departments across campus with varying levels of experience in higher education, business practices and budget planning. All faculty and staff are eligible. The program is a five month commitment, and to optimize the learning experience, enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

  • Session 1: University of Oregon Financial Overview and Essentials of University Budget Planning
  • Session 2: University Accounting and Payables, Receivables and Collections
  • Session 3: Contracting and Fundamentals of Sponsored Projects Administration
  • Session 4: Safety and Risk Services and Internal Controls and Fraud Awareness
  • Session 5: Financial Reporting and Analysis and Human Resources and Payroll
  • Session 6: Records Management & Information Security and Small Group Project Assignment
  • Session 7: Small Group Project Check-in with FSI Design Team
  • Session 8: Financial Stewardship Institute Capstone
    FSI Small Group Project Teams will present their recommendations to the FSI Design Team and project sponsors.

All participants are expected to attend and engage in all eight sessions and participate in a small group consulting project.