Financial Stewardship Institute


Program Overview

The Financial Stewardship Institute is an engaging professional development course with unique workshops that focus on why we do what we do, and what we do when it comes to stewarding the finances of the University of Oregon.  This series launches in October and concludes with small group presentations in February.

The program is intended to expand understanding and strengthen financial management skills, and participants engage in a consulting project focused on a current issue or initiative at the UO.  Financial management topics include:

  • budgeting and planning
  • safety and risk services
  • contracting
  • human resources and payroll
  • accounting
  • sponsored projects administration
  • internal controls and fraud awareness
  • financial reporting and analysis 
  • records management and information security

Program Participants

This comprehensive program is offered to all UO employees.

The Financial Stewardship Institute is an excellent growth opportunity for someone who is interested in,

  • Enhancing skills in strategic thinking, proactive risk management, and decision-making around budget and finance issues.
  • Gaining experience in diagnosing and consulting on real-life issues facing higher education.
  • Having opportunities to network with colleagues and subject matter experts in financial stewardship.

Nomination Process

Registration for this program is managed through a nomination process to provide representation from many departments across campus with different levels of experience. Participants can be self-nominated or suggested by others.

The 2019-2020 nomination process will start in September