Employee Assistance Program

The University of Oregon contracts with Canopy to provide a comprehensive employee assistance program for eligible employees and their dependents.  The services are at no cost to eligible members.

Accessing Services

Canopy is located off campus and offers complete confidentiality.

  • Call Canopy directly at 1-800-433-2320.
  • Go to the Canopy website.
  • Download the Canopy EAP app from Apple's App Store or Google Play.
  • Create an EAP member account.
    • For "Organization name," enter either PEBB or State of Oregon.
  • Contact the benefits team at hrbenefits@uoregon.edu if you would like to facilitate on-site EAP counseling or training with your department.


Canopy's Webinars, also known as web conferences, are live presentations via the Internet. Through webinars, you can participate in live trainings at your own computer and also be connected to the other participants. Webinars are generally one hour in length and topics include mental/ emotional concerns, relationships, finances, legal concerns, wellness, communication, and more.

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Summary of Services

  • Short-term professional counseling: intake and assessment (Up to five sessions per incident, per year)
  • Crisis counseling
  • Childcare and eldercare resources and referral
  • Fertility health and family building
  • Estate planning 
  • Will kits
  • Legal consultations and mediations
  • Financial coaching and consultations
  • Tax referrals
  • Home ownership program-Home Advantage Plus
  • Pet insurance
  • Canopy's Personal Advantage: interactive website offering information tailored to employee needs and interests.

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Learn More About EAP

We highly recommend that you visit Canopy's webpage and register as a UO employee. By signing in to your own account you'll have access to many more resources for all kinds of work-life issues and challenges. 


EAP User Guide

Each of us encounters problems that interfere with day to day activities. Some of these problems dramatically affect our quality of life and this is where the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) comes in, to help with concerns such as family, relationship, stress, depression, wellness, childcare and workplace issues.

When you need help, call, text, or log on to instant chat on the Canopy website or in the Canopy EAP app. You will be connected to a counselor who will connect you with the most appropriate resource.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can you select your counselor? Yes. If you have a specific counselor you wish to see, you may request that person.

Want to change counselors? Call us back and explain your concern. We will attempt to schedule an appointment with another counselor who better meets your needs.


All your information is kept completely confidential. The university will not be informed that you have accessed EAP services.