DuckWeb: Contract Process

Annual renewal Notice of Appointments are issued in an electronic format via the employee's DuckWeb account.  In previous years, Notices of Appointment have been printed and mailed, and the employee would return the signed original to HR. This process is now handled electronically with the employee both receiving the Notice as well as providing their acceptance online.  This change streamlines the annual notification process without changing the scope or terms of the annual contract.

Employees will log into their DuckWeb account in order to access, review and accept their Notice of Appointment. For those unfamiliar with DuckWeb, access to Duckweb requires a UO ID (nine digit number beginning with “95”) and Personal Access Code (PAC).  Employees needing assistance in obtaining their UO ID should contact their department human resources or payroll manager. Employees who know their UO ID but do not remember their PAC can reset the PAC in DuckWeb by entering the UO ID and clicking on “Forgot PAC?.”  PACs can also be reset by contacting Human Resources at 346-3159.