Youth Programs: Conduct Requirements

Faculty, staff, students, student employees, graduate teaching fellows, and volunteers are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct when interacting with minors.

Conduct requirements include:

  • University employees and volunteers shall report known violations of procedures to their supervisor, youth program administrator, or anonymously to the Reporting Hotline 855-388-2710
  • When working in youth programs, individuals agree to:
    • Conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner, exhibit good sportsmanship, and be a positive role model for minors
    • Respect, adhere to, and enforce the rules, policies, and guidelines established by the youth program, this policy, and the university
    • All communication and providing of programming must be completed through official University channels and not personal accounts. At no times should there be direct electronic communication (1:1) between the minor and University staff, students and volunteers.
    • Endeavor to provide a safe and healthy experience for all participants
    • Endeavor to avoid private one-on-one situations with a minor
    • Refrain from engaging in any criminal activity
    • Refrain from making comments of a sexual nature in the presence of a minor or making sexually explicit materials available to a minor
    • Comply with all applicable civil rights laws and policies, including and not limited to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policies
    • Not, under any circumstances, physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally abuse or fail to provide the basic necessities of care applicable to the youth program, such as food or shelter, to participants
  • Supervision of minors:
    • The number of supervisors required at a youth program shall be determined by taking into account all aspects of the program, including: participant age, number of participants, nature of activity, and age and experience of adult supervisors. In setting an appropriate ratio, it is recommended that the program administrator consult the American Camp Association (ACA) standards.
    • Youth programs shall establish a procedure for checking minors in and out of the program. Minors who are school age (K-12) may be checked in or out in an alternative way (e.g. transport by bus, walking home) if the minor has written permission of parent or legal guardian to check in and out in the manner described in writing.