Outstanding Employee Awards

photo of 2019 outstanding employee award winners

2019 Outstanding Employee Award Recipients

Classified Employees

Kim Enbysk
Housing Service Center Specialist
University Housing

Liz Hahn
University Housing

Chris Hallam
Custodial Services Coordinator
Campus Planning Facilities Management

Tiffany Stewart
Department Programs Assistant
Department of Physics

Trudi Stuber
Nursing Office Coordinator
University Health Center

James Tuttle
Studio Technician
Sports Product Design

Officers of Administration

Anni Elling
Department Manager
Department of Human Physiology

Kevin Hatfield
Assistant Vice Provost Undergraduate Research
University Housing

Lynde Ritzow
Associate Director for Graduate Internship Program
Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Teri Rowe
Manager of Finance and Administration
Departments of Economics and Sociology

Haley Wilson
Coordinator of LGBTESS
LGBT Education Support Services

Awards Program

Human Resources facilitates an annual employee recognition program to honor and acknowledge excellence at work. Outstanding Employee Awards recognize officers of administration and classified staff who:

  • demonstrate excellence on the job, and
  • exemplify key components of the university mission, and
    • critical thinking
    • effective reasoning
    • clear communication
    • creativity
    • act ethically
  • foster admiration among colleagues, and
  • model high performance standards.

Award Criteria

Award recipients are UO employees who embody the mission of the university, produce quality work, and consistently display characteristics valued and appreciated by coworkers.  They are a reliable compass continually pointing the university in the direction of its goals and aspirations. 

To be considered, the nominee should exhibit on-the-job performance that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Build Community
    Promotes a sense of community (within work group, department/unit, or across campus) by bringing groups/individuals together for a common purpose.
  • Promote Inclusivity
    Welcomes and values diversity of opinions in discussions, demonstrates tolerance of others, considers accessibility, diversity and inclusivity in aspects of job assignments, enhances the campus climate, adheres to respectful workplace expectations.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities
    Provides on-going high quality performance, directs people to resources, sees work assignments from a big picture point-of-view, seeks to improve university operations, handles difficult situations and assignments well, personifies dependability.  [This criterion does not require supervisory responsibilities or formal supervisor designation. Any employee who displays leadership skills meets this criterion.]
  • Exemplify mission
    Embodies the UO mission statement, purpose, vision and values, advances the priorities of his/her unit and department through completion of work assignments, recognizes his/her role in achieving university goals, motivated by the university’s pursuit of being a comprehensive public research university committee to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. 

Nomination Process

Any UO employee can nominate an officer of administration (OA) or classified employee for an Outstanding Employee Award.  Nominations are submitted through a two part process:

  1. Submit a Nomination Form to formally nominate an OA or classified member for consideration, and
  2. Submit Letters of Support for the nominee.

The nomination process for 2019 has ended. Nominations for 2020 will begin in September.

Selection Process

Outstanding Employee Award recipients are selected by a committee comprised of OAs and classified staff.  Committee members are obtained from the following sources: OA and classified Senate representatives, Classified Staff Training and Development Advisory Committee (CSTDAC), and OA Council.  The committee also includes a representative from Human Resources (Chief Human Resources Officer or her designee).  The Employee Engagement Manager facilitates the selection process.

The committee makes selection decisions based on the information submitted on the nomination form and in the letters of support.  Award recipients are determined by their demonstrated ability to meet the established criteria as detailed and explained in the nomination materials.  Committee members do not seek additional information on nominees to make final decisions.  Detailed information about a nominee as described by those submitting the nomination and contributing a letter of support is the determining factor. 

At least one OA and one classified staff will be honored each year. The committee may choose to recognize multiple employees at its discretion.

The supervisor for each nominee is contacted by the Employee Engagement Manager to provide a supervisor response. This response is intended to substantiate a nomination and ensure that employees meeting performance expectations are considered for this prestigious honor. Employees with performance concerns may be excluded from consideration. The supervisor response is not used to collect additional information for the committee to consider in the selection process. Supervisors contribute to a nominees consideration by submitting a letter of support in accordance with the nomination process. 

Past Award Winners

Contact HR with questions about the Outstanding Employee Award program:

Sandee Bybee
Employee Engagement Manager
(541) 346-3000