Years of Service Honorees 2021 - July through September

Congratulations to the following officers of administration and classified employees who have reached major work anniversary milestones! 

These employees have reached an increment of five years of service* (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.) as of December 31, 2020.
*Years of service is determined by employment dates in the university's Banner HRIS system. HR has done its best to identify honorees using employment dates in Banner. If employees have questions about why they are or are not included on the list of honorees, please direct questions to the program contact to resolve the issue.

Division of Equity & Inclusion

Miranda Broadbent, Accountant 1 (5 years)

Finance & Administration

Business Affairs Office

Stephanie Prentiss, Student Billing Collector (20 years)

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Kai Adams, Electric and Central System Technician (5 years)
Laura Ahlgren, Custodian (10 years)
Jeremiah Dillon, Carpenter (20 years)
Johnny Earl, Custodial Services Coordinator (20 years)
Kevin Farthing, Associate Director Facilities Services (5 years)
Stephen Graham, Custodian (10 years)
Alison Hake, Interior Designer (5 years)
Shirley Harwood, Custodian (10 years)
Mike Harwood, Associate VP Planning/Facilities Management (5 years)
Jerimiah Igou, Trades Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)

Aaron Maxwell, Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 (5 years)
Mohamed Mounir, Custodian (5 years)
Steve Page, Co-Generation Engineer (20 years)
Lisa Roberts, Custodian (5 years)
Sarah Schneider, Custodian (15 years)
Steve Seeley, Locksmith (10 years)
Alex Smith, Custodian (5 years)
Wanita Tiburcio, Administrative Program Specialist (15 years)
Jeff Ziglinski, Zero Waste Program Coordinator (20 years)

Human Resources

Cindi Peterson, Associate Director of Benefits (25 years)
Randi Schmechel, HRIS Data Analyst (30 years)

Police Department

Chris Blake, Security Operations Cntr Supervisor (5 years)
Matthew Carmichael, Chief of Police (5 years)

Vivian Olum Child Development Center

Sharon Kelly, Director (5 years)
Ida Suryana, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (15 years)
Joe Wagner, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)
Tonie Watson, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (5 years)

VPFA Operations

Kassy Fisher, Associate VP Campus Services & COS (15 years)

General Counsel

Lisa Thornton, Public Records Officer (10 years)
Greg Shabram, Chief Procurement Officer (5 years)

Information Services

Shandon Bates, Director Information Services/Instructional Technology (10 years)
Jim Beard, Enterprise Systems Developer (15 years)
Gabe McGinnis, MS Active Directory Administrator (10 years)
Cleven Mmari, Director IT Security Compliance (25 years)
Travis Shea, BI Team Lead (5 years)

Intercollegiate Athletics

Karessa Barnett, Laborer (30 years)
William Blood, Associate Athletic Director Finance & Administration (5 years)
Travis Halseth, Athletic Trainer (15 years)
Stuart Irons, Food Service Worker 1 - Int (5 years)
Nikki Jupe, Senior Sports Dietician (5 years)
Erica Kendrick, Athletic Trainer (5 years)

Steve Pohl, Video Coordinator (25 years)
Jim Radcliffe, Head Strength Coach (35 years)
Jody Smith, Assistant Athletic Director (10 years)
Patty Stephens, Custodian (5 years)
Aaron Wasson, Assistant Athletic Director, Equipment & Champion (10 years)
Brad Lanning, Assistant Men's Golf Coach (10 years)

Office of the President

Knight Campus

Albert Aragon, Custodial Services Coordinator (5 years)
Naomi Crow, Director of Operations (5 years)

President Administrative Operations

Brett Harris, UO Ombudsperson (5 years)

Office of the Provost

Julie Mueller, Faculty Consultant (10 years)
Lee Rumbarger, Assistant Vice Provost TEP (10 years)
Ron Bramhall, Assoc Vice Prov Academic Exec (20 years)
Veronica Vold, Instr Tech & Course Design (5 years)

Division of Global Engagement

Lori O'Hollaren, Assistant Vice Provost and Director (25 years)

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

Cheryl Hartup, Curator Academic Program/Latin American (5 years)
Paul Nordquist, Special Events Assistant (5 years)

Morse Center

Christine Waite, Accounting Coordinator (5 years)

Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Thea Chroman, Asst Dir Prgm for Demo Engage (5 years)
Ann Craig, Director of Public Programs (15 years)

Undergraduate Education & Student Success

Brendan LeJeune, Academic and Career Advisor (5 years)
Doneka Scott, Vice Provost for UESS (5 years)

Research & Innovation


Cassandra Moseley, Senior Associate Vice Pres Research (20 years)
Nadia Singh, Associate Vice President Research (5 years)

AQACS Operations

Serena Boehm, Laboratory Animal Technician 2 (5 years)

Core Business Services

Melissa Gold, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)

Finance and Business Administration Operations

Cesca Blythe, Accountant 2 (10 years)

Humanities Center

Melissa Gustafson, Program Coordinator (15 years)
Jena Turner, Associate Director (10 years)

Research Compliance Services

Carolyn Craig, Assistant Director Research Comp Services (10 years)
Sheryl Johnson, Director Research Compliance Services (10 years)

Technical Services

David Dose, Analyst Programmer 3 (30 years)

Terrestrial Animal Care Services

Carissa Callihan, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)
Shinai Grzebielski, Lab Animal Technician 2 (5 years)
Dan Prutzman, Lab Animal Technician 2 (5 years)

Schools & Colleges

Clark Honors College

Honors College Operations

Pamela Palanuk, Executive Assistant (20 years)

College of Arts & Sciences


Arnita Albertson, Undergraduate & Program Coordinator (10 years)
Anna Duncan, Division of Personnel & Budget Specialist (10 years)


Emily Gustin, Biology Technology Lab Preparator (5 years)
Ingrid Karson, Biology Advising/Curricular Coordinator (15 years)

German and Scandinavian

Karen Neal, Office Specialist 2 (5 years)


Heidi Gese, Office Specialist 2 (15 years)


Bill Troyer, Equipment Systems Specialist. (20 years)

Theatre Arts

Michael Walker, Scene Shop Coordinator (5 years)

Women's and Gender Studies

Josie Mulkins, Business Manager (10 years)

College of Education

Early Childhoods CARES

Ursula Crawford, Administrative Program Assistant (5 years)
Andrea Hudson-Vaughn, Information Technology Consultant (15 years)
Lisa Jackson, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)
Michelle Lasby, Early Childhood Assistant (5 years)
MaryAnn Neves, Early Childhood Associate Teacher (20 years)
Stephanie Simmons, Early Childhd Associate Teacher (5 years)
Jan Weyers, Administrative Program Assistant (15 years)

Education and Community Supports

Robin Spoerl, Marketing & Design Manager (10 years)

General Operations

Amy Green, Assistant Director Human Resources (10 years)
Jennifer McGovney, Business Manager (10 years)

Lundquist College of Business

Lorena Landeros, Undergraduate Academic Adviser (10 years)

School of Journalism and Communication

Rachel Allen, Associate Director of Student Services (10 years)
Patricia Curtin, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs (15 years)
Juan-Carlos Molleda, Dean School of Journalism & Communication (5 years)

School of Law

Jennifer Geller, Managing Director, PLP (15 years)

School of Music and Dance

Mike Grose, Associate Dean Undergraduate Program (20 years)

Student Life

Dean of Students

Tayler Marshall, Assistant Director Fraternity & Sorority Life (5 years)
Kris Winter, Assoc VP & Dean of Students (5 years)

Erb Memorial Union

Jacob Juge, Custodian (10 years)
Karen Schneider, Scheduling Manager (15 years)
Kathryn Sherman Bain, Associate Teacher (30 years)

Physical Education and Recreation

Sean Graninger, Assistant Director Intramural Sports (5 years)
Beverly Bray, Coordinator of Aquatics (20 years)

University Career Center

Dani Amtmann, Assistant Director Career Readiness (15 years)

VP Student Life Administration

Renee Delgado-Riley, Director Assessment & Research (5 years)
Dave Phinney, Accounting Technician (10 years)

Student Services & Enrollment Management

Jonathan Jacobs, Director SSEM Research (10 years)


Emily Carmichael, Assistant Director Regional Recruitment (5 years)

Continuing and Professional Education

Carrie Cook, Program Manager (15 years)
Corie Shupe, Business Services Manager (20 years)

Office of the Registrar

Satomi Ladd, Degree Audit Specialist (15 years)

Orientation Programs

Cora Bennett, Dir, Student Orientation Prog (20 years)

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Jim Brooks, Associate VP, Director Financial Aid (10 years)
Michael Thompson, Assistant Director for Administration & Financial Support (15 years)

University Health Services

University Counselling Center

Shelly Kerr, Director (20 years)
Richard Brunader, Medical Director (10 years)

Maggie Billings, Office Specialist (25 years)
Sabrina Dake, Nurse Practitioner (5 years)
Gayle Frunz, Lead Psychiatric Nurse (25 years)
Colleen Jones, Nurse Practitioner (30 years)
Ken McClain, University Physician (15 years)
Jeff Whiddon, Resource Nurse (10 years)

University of Housing

Michael Arruda, Dining Services Manager/Chef (5 years)
Cele Colmenares, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Patrick DeCelles, Food Service Worker 2 (15 years)
Carla Hastie, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Kara Hubbard, Food Service Worker 2 (10 years)
Heather Kropf, Associate Director of Resident Life (10 years)
Miles Marrow, Assistant Director Residence Life (5 years)

Byrd Nelson III, Cook 1 (10 years)
Froilan Perez, Cook 1 (15 years)
Daniel Porter, Electrician (10 years)
Doris Rosman, Custodian (15 years)
Georgeanne Sayre, Intermittent FSW 2 (15 years)
Robert Torres, Food Service Worker 3 (15 years)
Chris Tuttle, Food Service Worker 2 (5 years)

University Advancement

Heather Brown, Assistant VP Advancement Operations (10 years)
Lacie LaRue, Executive Director (5 years)
Sarah Suponski, Special Events Manager (5 years)
Jessie Rowe, McMorran and Special Event Mgr (10 years)

University Communications

Jim Barlow, Director Science Research Communications (15 years)
Matt Coughlin, IT Analyst Programmer (15 years)
Greg Raschio, General Manager Kwax (5 years)

UO Libraries

Sam Galli, Library Technician 2 (5 years)
David Landazuri, Cataloger & Metadata Technician (30 years)