Retirement income is the money you receive when you are no longer working.  Your retirement income includes payments received from retirement savings plans and social security and may also include income from other types of investments you have established and maintained over the years.  It is important to conduct a comprehensive overview of your assets to determine all sources of income available to you in retirement. 

Income is a key component of budget planning for retirement.  The Retirement Budget Worksheet assists you with identifying and accounting for all sources of income.

The following links assist you with estimating your retirement income:

  • Obtain your preliminary on-line and written PERS estimate or account balance (if applicable). 
    You will need your social security number, hourly and monthly pay information, as well as, your sick and vacation hours.
    PERS website
  • Obtain your PERS IAP Balance (if applicable)
    Call PERS at 1-888-320-7377
    To set-up online access to your IAP account you will need to request a password. PERS will mail the password.
    Once you have your balance use the IAP Estimator to approximate your IAP Balance at retirement.


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