Employee Leaves

COVID-19 Leave Options:

The university recognizes the impact that COVID-19 may have on an employee's ability to work due to school and child care closures. The first course of action is to explore flexible work options, such as remote work or flexible schedules, where possible.

Because flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate or viable due to personal and operational realities, the University of Oregon provides leave options related specifically to the impact of COVID-19:.

Refer to the leave options by employee group for further guidance.

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Request a Leave Packet
Medical, Parental, Bereavement

Types of Leaves

Employees need time away from work for many different types of situations. Whether it’s time off from work to take care for a new child, or deal with a serious health situation involving a family member or themselves, employees will want to request the time that they need from their supervisor.  Below you’ll find the different types of employee leaves along with the university forms to complete the paperwork. 

Supervisors must notify Human Resources so the proper documentation can be sent to the employee requesting leave.   After reviewing this information if you have further questions, please contact the Leaves Coordinator in Human Resources for more information at 541-346-2950 or HRLeaves@uoregon.edu.