Supervisor Record Maintenance

Accurate supervisor records are important for a variety of purposes, including maintaining a supervisor distribution list for communication purposes, navigating the MyTrack position description library, and creating organizational charts in the MyTrack learning module. We know that sometimes supervisory responsibilities change, and updates to records must be made to keep supervisor records accurate across systems. This documentation will help you understand where supervisors are listed in HR systems and records and how to update them as needed.

Supervisor information can be found in the following locations in MyTrack:

Maintaining supervisor records in Banner is a three-part process. Guidance for each process is provided below:

Position Description

Supervisor information can be found in two locations on the position description (PD).

Within the ‘General Position Information Section' in the blue box under the B#. The supervisor listed in the blue box under the B# is a direct feed from Banner. This will show the supervisor that is tied to that B# in Banner.

Screenshot of where to find supervisor information in the blue box on the position description in MyTrack

In the 'Reports to' field. The supervisor listed in the “Reports to” field is what was entered on the PD when it was created or the last time it was edited. The “Reports to” field does not integrate with Banner. If the supervisor is accurate in the blue box, you do not need to worry about updating the “Reports to” field unless you are editing the PD to prepare it for a recruitment or pay action.

Screenshot of the 'reports to' field on the position description in MyTrack

User Record

The details of a MyTrack user record are created with information from Banner.

Supervisor information associated with a user record appears in MyTrack in the supervisor column in the PD library.

Screenshot of the supervisor column in the PD library in MyTrack

A user's supervisor is also listed in the ‘reporting to’ section of their profile.

Screenshot of the 'reporting to' section of the user profile in MyTrack

For someone who supervises it will appear in the organizational chart under ‘MyTeam’ and under 'Team Development'. To change the supervisor associated with a user record an update to Banner is required.

Screenshot of the org chart from the supervisor view in MyTrack

Access the Appropriate Form

Two forms can be used to update supervisor information, a Payroll Request Form (PRF) or an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). If you need ongoing access to update supervisor information, you should request access from Payroll to submit an EPAFs. The request process requires dean/director approval. If you do not need to update supervisors on a regular basis, you may submit a PRF instead.

While an EPAF is the preferred submission method, there are limitations. Please consider the following conditions, and if any apply to your situation, follow of the course of action outlined below.

  1. Future Changes Exist- Prior to submitting an EPAF, check PWIVERI to ensure there are no future job record changes after both today's date and, where applicable, after the effective date of the change. This includes leave record, termination record (ex: pro tem contract end date), etc. If a future change exists, submit a PRF so Payroll can update future job records. If you submit an EPAF the future job record will override your changes with the old supervisor information.
  2. Time Entry is Open through End of the Month- During this period use the first of next month as the effective date of the EPAF or submit a PRF.
  3. There is Another Job Change for the Same Date- Check PWIVERI and verify there are no other job changes with the same date. A supervisor EPAF will override this change, submit a PRF or use the next date as the effective date.

Instructions for submitting a PRF can be found on the HR Document Submission Forms page.

To submit an EPAF you will need access to the NOAEPAF form in Banner. To request access form Payroll, follow the steps below. The request process requires dean/director approval.

  1. Go to the FIS/HRIS/AR User Profile Form: FIS/HRIS/AR User Profile Form.
  2. Select “Add FIS/HR/AR job functions” and complete the required fields at the top of the form (with the red asterisks).
  3. Scroll down 2/3 of the page and select “Electronic Approvals” under HRIS Job Functions.
  4. In the “Remarks” field, please type Access to Supervisor Maintenance EPAF.
  5. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the form.
  6. Once you have saved the form, a window will come up and ask you to add your Dean/Director to the “Edit” field. Add the required information in the Signature Row page and then click the “Save” button.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Send Document” – it will then be sent to the designated email.
  8. Electronically sign the document via emailed instructions.
  9. Close the window or log out of the site.

Update Supervisor Record Using an EPAF

Please note: If you are using an interim or temporary supervisor position number you will need to submit a new EPAF with the regular primary position number of the supervisor when it is available. It is recommended to use the primary supervisor position when appropriate.

  • Login to Banner.
  • Take note of employee and supervisor ID numbers (95#s), position numbers and suffixes (00). This data is required for form completion in subsequent steps.
  • Navigate to Banner Form NOAEPAF.
  • Complete the form by entering data into the following fields:
    • Input employee ID number
    • Skip Transaction Field or delete previous transaction number.
    • Enter the effective date of supervisor change in the Query Date (date must be after last paid date).
    • Input SUPER from drop-down menu in the Approval Category and Type. 
    • Input or select employee Position number and Suffix (use the drop down menu for a “List of Employee’s Jobs (NBIJLST)”.
  • Select GO on the top right corner of the screen to move to the Transaction tab.
  • Complete the Supervisor fields in the Transaction tab.
    • Enter current data in the New Value column for the following fields:
      • Supervisor ID Number
      • Supervisor Position
      • Supervisor Suffix
    • Save AND submit the form.
      • Save the record by either clicking the "SAVE" button in the bottom right of the screen or using the F10 key.
      • Click on the Tools icon and scroll down to the Options section where you then click “Submit Transaction”.


    Screenshot the submit transaction option under the Tools menu in Banner.


    • Confirm that the transaction went through. There are two ways to do this.
    1. Look up your submitted EPAFs individually, by person, on the EPAF submission form (NOAEPAF). Enter the Employee ID# and click on the "..." after the 'Transaction' field.


    Screenshot the ... menu next to the Transaction field in Banner.


    1. Or you can go to the Summary (NOAAPSM) form in Banner.


    Screenshot the submit transaction option under the Tools menu in Banner.



    Screenshot of EPAF transaction submitted confirmation message in Banner.


    Deciphering Your Transaction Status

  • Waiting – means the transaction was saved by not submitted. Follow the instructions above under “Save AND Submit the form.”
  • Approved – means it was successfully submitted but has not yet been applied. Check back the next day to see if transaction has been completed before reaching out for assistance.
  • Completed – means it has been applied and should be reflected in the employee’s job record in Banner.


Screenshot approved EPAF confirmation message in Banner.


This personnel action will be applied to Banner daily, meaning the EPAF will update NBAJOBS within 24 hours. MyTrack user records will update overnight pending the automatic update from NBAJOBS to NBAPOSN.

Please note: The entire record update process from Banner to MyTrack can take up to 2 days to complete.

Audit Supervisor Records

Employee records can be reviewed using the payroll roster to identify any supervisor records that need to be updated. Supervisor information is included on two roster reports.

  1. The payroll roster in Banner PWIPAYR
    • The rosters are run from Banner in PWIPAYR.
    • Supervisor information is only available in the spreadsheet files.
    • If you have any problems with this report please contact the Payroll Office.
    1. The Employee Roster report in COGNOS.