Sabbatical Instructions

Sabbatical leave is governed by Article 33 of the UA CBA for represented faculty, and UO policy  for unrepresented faculty. Sabbatical leave is granted to faculty for research, writing, advanced study, travel undertaken for observation and study of conditions in our own or in other countries affecting the applicant’s field or related scholarly or professional activities. Sabbatical leave is granted when it can be shown that the applicant is capable of using this period in a manner which will thereafter increase the applicant’s effectiveness to the university and to the state. Information regarding the sabbatical leave policy can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

If you want to know whether you are eligible for sabbatical leave, you may contact HR Operations ( for an evaluation

Sabbatical Planning

Faculty members should check with their specific school or college for deadlines and processes related to sabbatical applications.

The below documents may be of assistance in planning sabbatical. They are for planning purposes only and should not be submitted to HR.

Sabbatical Travel Approval Request Form (Do not submit to HR) (PDF)

Preliminary Sabbatical Application (Used for planning purposes. Do not submit to HR) (Microsoft Word)

Sabbatical Application and Deadline

Faculty members should submit the sabbatical packet containing the application along with the supporting documents to their unit head for approval by the deadline set by their school or college. The unit head will then submit the packet to the dean’s office.

The dean’s office is to submit the sabbatical packet to Human Resources by the following deadline:

  • Fiscal Year 2019 sabbatical requests: Deadline is February 27, 2018. 

Article 33 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (bargaining unit members) or the Oregon Administrative rules (non-bargaining unit members) must be printed on the back.

Sabbatical Packet

  1. Sabbatical Application with original signatures
  2. Current curriculum vitae
  3. A statement which includes a description of the applicant's plans for the proposed sabbatical leave period and the purpose of the proposed leave, which may include research, writing, advanced study, travel undertaken for observation, and study of conditions in our own or in other countries affecting your field or related scholarly or professional activities. The statement should also include a description of (a) current teaching, (b) scholarship, research and creative activity, (c) service, and (d) other professionally relevant activities.

Routing in sequential order:

  1. Department head for approval
  2. Dean/Director for approval
  3. HR for verification of eligibility, service and salary
  4. Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs for approval
  5. Human Resources for distribution


  1. Original to faculty member's academic file (HR)
  2. Copy to dean/director
  3. Copy to department
  4. Copy to faculty member

Payroll Processing:

Departments are responsible for preparing separate paperwork to adjust pay for an approved sabbatical leave. Complete a Payroll Request Form (PRF) and route through your dean/director's office to Human Resources (HR). HR will review and send the PRF to payroll. Use account code 10123 (sabbatical leave). To verify that the employee on sabbatical is paid correctly, the department should check HRIS (PWIVERI) for correct FTE and pay.

Leave Pay and Appointment Percent

Academic Year  Leave Pay
 One Term  100% pay during leave
 Two Terms  75% pay during leave
 Three Terms  60% pay during leave
 Law School  
 One Semester  100% pay during leave
 Two Semesters  50% pay during leave
Fiscal Year  
 Four Months  100% pay during leave
 Eight Months  75% pay during leave
 Twelve Months  60% pay during leave 

Post-Sabbatical Obligations

At the end of the sabbatical leave, a faculty member must submit a report of accomplishment and benefits resulting from the leave. See the Academic Affairs website for details on sabbatical reports.