Service Employee International Union

Service Employee International Union

SEIU represents approximately 1,500 staff members on campus, often referred to as “classified staff,” who perform a wide range of important functions in areas such as health care, facilities, administrative support, dining services, and information technology.

Negotiations with SEIU are led by University Shared Services Enterprise or USSE, which provides a variety of functions for Oregon’s seven public universities, including the University of Oregon.

Current President: Stephanie Prentiss

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2019-2021 CBA

Negotiations for a new contract begin

Oregon’s Public Universities, represented by University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE), began negotiations for a successor collective bargaining agreement with SEIU Local 503. USSE maintains a website to keep classified employees, their supervisors, and others who may be interested in following the negotiations, up to date with information about the negotiations. The website provides a schedule of negotiations that the parties have agreed to so far and summaries of the negotiation sessions that have already occurred.

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Negotiations delayed to fall 2021 and contract extended

Oregon’s public universities and SEIU have agreed to delay negotiations until this fall and extend their current contract through January 31, 2022. Continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the universities’ ability to predict state appropriations and enrollment position next academic year. Since state appropriations and tuition are the two biggest sources of revenue, it is prudent to begin negotiating a new contract in the fall when we hope to have a better understanding of our financial position.

Key terms reached in the letter of agreement that extends the current collective bargaining agreement include:

  • Step increases continue during the extension period.
  • The $40 monthly premium subsidy continues as outlined in Article 24, Section 2(A).
  • Inclement Weather leave as outlined in Article 58, Section 2(C) remains available.
  • All other articles in the current CBA remain unchanged.

Oregon's public universities and SEIU have also reached a letter of agreement on workplace issues as the universities respond to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The parties are committed to working collaboratively in order to keep our campus community safe and ensure a smooth resumption of activities on campuses for the fall term and beyond.

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and Letter of Agreement

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