Parental Leave: Officers of Administration

The following resources are provided to help you understand parental leave for officers of administration and answer frequently asked questions:


OA Time Off Procedure V.09.02-1

Section V. Parental Leave

OAs who have been employed by the University of Oregon for at least 6 months.


The university provides OAs with leave upon the birth or adoption of a child as provided by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA).  In addition to any other rights available under these procedures, including unearned sick leave advance, an OA who takes parental leave under FMLA or OFLA can take the first six work weeks of such leave with pay, in the following manner:

As part of the first six weeks of leave, the OA must use any available short term disability insurance benefits, all accrued vacation time and all but 80 hours of accrued sick time. If the OA does not have sufficient accrued disability insurance benefits and accrued paid time off to cover six weeks with full pay, the university will provide the OA with the necessary amount of paid parental leave to allow the OA to receive a total of six weeks paid parental leave. 

OAs can use accrued sick time for his or her remaining six weeks of parental leave (for a total of 12 work weeks of leave). Unearned Sick Leave Advanced is not available after the first six weeks.  

If both parents are employed as OAs by the University, both parents are entitled to parental leave as described in this section.

This provision shall not be applied or interpreted as prejudicing or negatively impacting an OA who exercises their right to take parental leave under this section in addition to exercising their right to take leave under other sections of this procedure or the law.