OA Re-employment Pool: Information for Hiring Authorities

With the implementation of OA policies in spring 2017, hiring managers now have the option to direct appoint OAs who received notice of position elimination to vacant OA positions.

Benefits of Utilizing the OA Re-employment Pool

Hiring authorities are able to forego fully competitive searches and make appointments to positions directly from the pool. Hiring authorities gain the advantage of having readily available, qualified candidates, often with significant experience in the University environment and with University systems, procedures, business requirements, and culture. This can also significantly reduce the time it takes to fill vacant positions and eliminated related costs for advertising or interview expenses.

Eligibility for Participation in the Pool

OAs whose positions were eliminated due to budget constraints or changing operational needs are eligible to participate in the pool. OAs whose employment was ended for performance reasons are not eligible. Participation in the pool is not automatic but requires submission of materials for consideration by hiring authorities. OAs will receive information about eligibility when being notified of the elimination of their current position, and they will be provided with instructions for electing to participate in the pool. When electing participation, OAs may also identify their interests more specifically by selecting from defined position categories. OAs who elect to participate remain in the pool for up to six months following the end of their notice period.

Accessing Pool Participants

Hiring authorities who are submitting OA positions for recruitment will receive notification of the OA Re-employment Pool option by Human Resources. Hiring authorities who are launching requisitions from previously approved position descriptions will be asked when completing the requisition if they wish to utilize the re-employment Pool.

Hiring authorities may utilize the re-employment pool at any time up to the point a contingent offer has been made on an approved recruitment (fully approved position description and requisition). Upon request to Talent Acquisition, hiring authorities will receive access to the applications of pool participants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position as described in the position description. Hiring authorities are required to consider all minimally qualified applicants and to interview at least one participant before making a contingent offer of employment from the pool. Interviews may be conducted by the hiring authority or their designee (for example, the direct supervisor of the position) and do not require a search committee to be formed. Hiring authorities utilizing the pool may also be subject to additional interview requirements if there are eligible veterans among the candidates qualified for their position (see Veterans' Preference in Employment).

Hiring authorities may request materials in addition to those submitted via the pool application; for example, they may request responses to supplemental questions in order to evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the specific job functions under consideration or ask for professional references. All additional materials requested become part of the search record and are subject to records retention requirements as in a fully competitive search.

Following review of applicants, hiring authorities may opt to utilize the pool or proceed with a fully competitive recruitment at their discretion. Hiring authorities are required to have a fully approved recruitment, including an approved position description and requisition, prior to making any offer of employment. Final offers of employment are subject to Human Resources review.


Human Resources has also developed an FAQ for OAs about participating in the pool.

For more information about utilizing the re-employment pool, contact Talent Acquisition at talent@uoregon.edu or 6-5112.