OA Position: Make an Offer

Prepare an Offer

When the finalist candidate has been identified, departments should designate the candidate as the finalist by preparing the offer card in MyTrack. For more information on this system step, see the Preparing an Offer MyTrack User Guide.

Offers for OAs may be made within the amount approved during requisition approval. Proposed offers outside the previously approved amount will require exception-level approval. See the OA Position and Pay Actions for more information about required approvals at the offer stage. Units may also establish additional required approvals; check with your unit’s designated HR Partner or budget manager to confirm.

Salary requirements of applicant can be a factor in determining an offer, but please note: Oregon law prohibits inquiring about pay history prior to issuing a job offer that includes offered pay. If candidates have disclosed their prior pay, it is permissible to take that and any other information you have about their pay requirements into consideration when responding to this item.

If you are hiring a current UO Employee into your position, please see Roles and Responsibilities in Hiring a Current Employee into a New Job.

Make Contingent Offer

Making an offer to a final candidate begins with the hiring authority.  A verbal contingent offer is made to the candidate after reaching a preliminary agreement on employment terms.

Once agreement with a candidate is reached, the negotiated agreement should be documented in a written contingent offer letter.

Contingent Offer Letter Guidelines

Important Note: the official offer letter is issued by Human Resources

Letters should include the proposed start date, the offered salary, any additional compensation (such as moving expense reimbursement, professional development funds, etc.).

All contingent offer letters must also include this statement: "This offer is contingent on successful completion of background check and final approval of the search."

Because of frequent changes to benefits plans, no specific mention of benefits should be made. As an alternative, reference to the Human Resources benefits website could be included. The final offer letter will include information about benefits eligibility and enrollment.

If a contingent offer letter is issued, upload a copy of the offer as a document on the candidate’s offer card. For more information on this system step, see the Preparing an Offer MyTrack User Guide.

Once the candidate has accepted the verbal contingent offer, go into MyTrack and set the candidate to the status “Contingent Offer Accepted,” and note the date of acceptance in the designated field on the offer card.

Background Check

All Officers of Administration hires require successful completion of a criminal history background check including national sex offender registry check. Some positions are also subject to credit history checks.  Placing the candidate in “Contingent Offer Accepted” status will deliver an email to the candidate regarding background check completion and provide the required authorization and disclosure forms. Candidates are instructed to return signed forms to Talent Acquisition.  Talent Acquisition will notify the hiring manager when the background check is cleared and will set the candidate status to “Background Check Successful.”

For more information about the background check process, refer to the Background Check Guidelines.

Complete the Hire

To complete the hire:

  • Enter all required fields in the finalist’s Offer Card in MyTrack. For more information on this system step, see the Preparing an Offer MyTrack User Guide.
  • Ensure that all candidates have received a final disposition with job-related reason for their final status. Note that final disposition statuses will send candidates an email noting they are no longer under consideration for the position. It is highly recommended that units contact candidates who participated in screening interviews with a personalized email or letter prior to setting their disposition statuses. For more information on this system step, see the Selection Outcomes and Applicant Statuses (Core Recruitment Process) User Guide.
  • Upload additional search materials documenting the search process to the Documents tab on the requisition for this opening, including selection ranking/scoring methods and description of the search steps.
  • Select an offer approval if additional approvals are required at the offer stage (for example, if the position is funding-contingent, requires exception-level approval for salary beyond the previously approved amount or over the maximum of the compensation band).
  • Submit the offer card.

Talent Acquisition will review the offer and the documentation prior to preparing and releasing a final formal offer letter via the applicant portal in MyTrack.

Once the finalist has accepted the online offer letter in MyTrack, they begin the onboarding process. MyTrack prompts them to complete some demographic information forms, which are transmitted to Payroll to set the new employee up in Banner.

Other Hiring Department Responsibilities

  • Relocation Assistance
    If relocation assistance was offered, the hiring department contacts the new employee to explain procedures. Moving expenses must be approved in advance by the appropriate vice president or academic dean for faculty appointments. Complete instructions are at the Business Affairs moving expenses website.
  • Employment Authorization
    If a non-US citizen is being hired, the hiring department should confirm that the new hire is authorized to work at the University of Oregon under US labor and immigration laws. If you know the person is not currently authorized or you are unsure, please contact Abe Schafermeyer in the Division of Global Engagement by email at Ethan Mapes, or by phone, at 6-1402.