Work-Life Policy

The University of Oregon supports faculty, staff, GEs, and student employees in their pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. The university offers programs, policies, referrals and education that support employees at work, school, and home.

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Supporting the Policy

University leaders, managers, and supervisors are expected to provide support and flexibility to their employees, while at the same time, ensuring that the unit is able to meet operational needs. Whenever possible, supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide support and flexibility when assessing employee requests. The following considerations should be applied by leaders, managers and supervisors:

  • Awareness: Recognize that family and other responsibilities outside of work/school have an impact on employee wellbeing. Be familiar with UO policies, programs, and resources related to work-life topics and issues. Information about these policies, programs, and resources can be found on the Human Resources Work-Life Resources website.
  • Communication: Talk with faculty, staff, and students to understand their needs and discuss potential arrangements and appropriate supports. Consult with relevant resources, such as University Human Resources or the Employee Assistance Program

  • Support: Offer appropriate programs and resources to assist faculty, staff and students with their needs. Establish and implement flexible and responsive practices whenever possible to respond to needs in ways that remain consistent with unit and/or university goals. Requests may include, but are not limited to, flexible work arrangements and adjustments to work or classroom deadlines.

  • Lead by example: Model behavior that encourages individual and family wellness practices. For example, encourage faculty and staff to utilize accrued sick leave when they are ill and to schedule and take their accrued vacation time to rest, relax, and tend to personal responsibilities. Avoid scheduling meetings and events outside of traditional work hours, when possible. Be mindful about expecting a response to emails and other communications outside of traditional work hours.

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