Article 26 Teamsters


Section 1      After the completion of trial service, regular, permanent, full-time employees shall be entitled to 22.5 hours of personal leave with pay each fiscal year. Part-time and seasonal employees shall be granted pro-rata amount of such leave after the completion of 1,040 hours each fiscal year. Personal leave shall not be cumulative from year to year nor is any unused leave compensable in any other manner. Such leave may be taken at times mutually agreeable to the Institution and the employee.


Section 2      Employees shall be eligible for a maximum of four (4) days paid bereavement leave arising from a death in the immediate family of the employee or the employee’s spouse or domestic partner. For the purposes of this Article immediate family shall include the parent, wife, husband, child, domestic partner, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or another member of the immediate household. If necessary, an employee may request to use additional earned leave credits or if earned leave credits are not available, leave without pay, at the time of death of an immediate family member and such request shall not be unreasonably denied.


Leave, other than sick leave, may be granted to discharge additional customary obligations, arising from the death of an immediate family member.