2019 Outstanding Employee Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's distinguished panel of Outstanding Award recipients:

photo of Anni Elling

Anni Elling
Department Manager
Department of Human Physiology

Anni Elling is known as someone who “has the ability to listen without judging and find solutions that accommodate all parties involved.” As the manager for the human physiology department, she works to advocate for her colleagues by serving on various committees. She is someone who colleagues can rely on to build community through social events and making everyone feel welcome. Her efforts to accommodate everyone do not go unnoticed. She is a go to resource with her array of institutional knowledge, policies, and practices. One of her colleagues sums up Anni’s contributions well by sharing “Her opinion is valued and her knowledge is held in high regard by everyone in the department.”

photo of Kim Enbysk

Kim Enbysk
Housing Service Center Specialist
University Housing

Kim Enbysk’s “leadership style is very much grounded in building strong relationships and focusing on getting the task at hand done.” Through her work with student and professional staff, she has demonstrated her ability to juggle various responsibilities while still exceeding expectations.

As a service center specialist, she and her team work to deliver exceptional customer service to each resident who comes through the Global Scholars Hall. Kim also continues to search for ways to make her workplace more inclusive. She most recently took initiative to connect with organizations on campus to discuss diversity education and ways to best implement those practices. With her experience working in University Housing, Kim provides an exemplary system of support to those new to the department. One of her colleagues says, “From learning a new system, tracking down lost and found, reaching out to campus partners and more – Kim does it all with a happy heart.”

photo of Liz Hahn

Liz Hahn
University Housing

Liz Hahn’s custodial work in the residence halls has made her a “mom to her students.” In her day to day work, she strives to bring a smile to every student she comes across. She provides constant support in her department by suggesting ways to make processes more efficient. Liz is selfless with her time and patience as she finds ways to go above and beyond for her students and colleagues. She is always willing to go the extra mile and is someone who “treats all students and employees like they are family.” One of her colleagues provides insight into what makes Liz so outstanding by sharing “She teaches us to be better, to care more, to excel in all we do, she is an outstanding example of all that we should be.”

photo of Chris Hallam

Chris Hallam
Custodial Services Coordinator
Campus Planning and Facilities Management

Chris Hallam demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities in every aspect of his role as a custodial services coordinator. He encourages his team to always do their best by complimenting them and always crediting them on a job well done. He values each member on his team and takes the time to get to know them as individuals, often by sharing stories and similar experiences. Chris is a great asset to his department and strives to navigate any situation with ease. One of his colleagues even says, “I know he will always be there with a helping hand for anyone who needs it and exemplifies the positivity, dependability, and purpose that is worthy of recognition.”

photo of Kevin Hatfield

Kevin Hatfield
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Research
University Housing

A leader among leaders, Kevin Hatfield’s “character and the positive impact he has had on this campus deserves to be celebrated.” His work with the Undergraduate Research Symposium and Academic Residential Communities only begins to scratch the surface of the impact he has had on the university and everyone he works with.

Kevin strives to make research opportunities available to students outside the classroom and works to develop academic initiatives inside the residence halls. Through perseverance and hard work, he has managed to grow academic partnerships in residence life from two partners to over 60. He does all this, while inspiring others along the way. Kevin is a thoughtful and dedicated professional who plays a vital role in every department he works in. As one colleague states, “He is a blur of energy as he works tirelessly to make certain everyone in his world has what they need to succeed.”

photo of Lynde Ritzow

Lynde Ritzow
Associate Director, Master's Industrial Internship Program
Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

Described as a driving force behind the Master’s Industrial Internship Program, Lynde Ritzow’s efforts have proven to make her an outstanding employee. She values each individual relationship with her students and continuously reaches out to ensure their continued success.

One student wrote, “I am confident that if I ever need support or advice about my career, whether it be tomorrow or in 10 years, she will always step in to help.” Her care and compassion for every student is demonstrated in her recruitment efforts for her department. Lynde works to meet every student’s academic needs and is always ready to answer questions as they arise. She is diligent in her efforts to ensure students succeed long after they come in contact with her. A colleague says, “Lynde has instilled upon our students the importance of strong, healthy professional relationships which has led to an extremely engaged community of alumni who continue to give back to UO.”

photo of Teri Rowe

Teri Rowe
Manager of Finance and Administration
Departments of Economics and Sociology

A true team player, Teri Rowe’s efforts inside and outside of her departments makes her an outstanding officer of administration. She challenges everyone to be the best version of themselves. By leading her team through training sessions, she encourages others to be open to learning about new ideas to incorporate values of inclusivity and equity within the workplace.

One colleague writes, “Teri makes our department feel like a team, where we are all pulling for each other.” Her problem-solving abilities help her departments operate seamlessly, while still prioritizing the wellbeing of each member of her staff. She supports her team in ways that make them feel individually valued and heard. In addition to her leadership, Teri has helped save lives through initiating a Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Program alongside UOPD. As one of her many fans puts it, “She is truly incredible and somehow able to “do it all” which is why she continues to inspire and motivate others in the best way she knows how.”

photo of Tiffany Stewart

Tiffany Stewart
Department Programs Assistant
Department of Physics

Tiffany Stewart is no stranger to wearing many hats especially if it means helping out her department. As Department Programs Assistant, she makes every effort to exceed expectations. A colleague writes, “Tiffany builds the Physics community with her inclusiveness which comes through from her friendly smile, her choice of words that welcome all, and her willingness to help everyone.”

By managing an informative media display monitor, students and staff are able to keep up to date with what is happening in the department. Her initiative in assisting student groups also highlights her efforts to make the sciences more inclusive. Whether it’s a technical difficulty or finding the answer to a question, she does it all with a kind spirit.

photo of Trudi Stuber

Trudi Stuber
Nursing Office Coordinator
University Health Center

: As a nursing office coordinator, Trudi Stuber embodies what it means to lead by example. Through her work on various committees, she has been able to represent the University Health Center and advocate for her department. Always prioritizing others ahead of herself, Trudi works to make sure everyone on her staff has what they need to be successful. She does all of this in addition to her day to day responsibilities.

Trudi strives to put students first and was even part of the Nurse Specialty Clinic with the travel abroad program. Trudi impacts just about everyone she meets and serves as a great resource and support system for those around her. One of her colleagues writes, “I often say if Trudi leaves the Health Center the building may crumble because she is such a huge support to so many.” Trudi jumps at the chance to help others and demonstrates her loyalty to her department and her coworkers. Her selflessness shines through in everything she does.

photo of James Tuttle

James Tuttle
Studio Technician
Sports Product Design

James Tuttle is described as having the capacity to carry out any responsibility and duty that comes his way and will overcoming any challenges he encounters. As a lab technician for the Sports Product Design department in Portland, he works with students to ensure they are making the most out of their time in the lab. James strives to make others feel comfortable as he takes time to connect with each individual student and offer advice when he can.

His knowledge of equipment within the lab allows him to help students when it comes to troubleshooting a machine or simply showing others how to use it. One of his students writes, “He makes our classes, studio and lab experience less stressful which in turn allows us to do our best work.” James consistently motivates others and manages to maintain a positive attitude in any situation. He demonstrates care and respect in every interaction he has whether it be a student or a colleague. One staff member even writes, “James is a ray of sunshine that greets you every day, no matter how stressful your day is…The students love working with him and he would be impossible to replace.”

photo of Haley Wilson

Haley Wilson
Coordinator of LGBTESS
Office of the Dean of Students

Working as a coordinator for LGBT Education Support Services, Haley Wilson exemplifies every aspect of the university’s mission. They strive to make every space more inclusive by leading workshops on effective ally ship and inclusive practices.

Their dedication to students is unmatched as they work to make every student feel as though they belong. They dedicate their time and resources to others if it means supporting students who need it the most. This past year Haley organized and led the annual lavender celebration, which allowed for graduating LGBT+ students to celebrate their accomplishments. One colleague even describes Haley as, “an absolutely inspiring human.” They work tirelessly to encourage others to be the best they can be and inspires others to do the same. “Whereas other underrepresented groups have whole departments and programs aimed at assisting them, the LGBTESS office has just one staff member, and Haley rises to the occasion.”